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How To Add Controller In Apex Legends Mobile? Learn here the easiest way



Apex Legends is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch on March 9th

Apex Legends Mobile is the latest entry in the battle royale mobile gaming scene. The game is available on both Android and iOS platforms and gamers can download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The developer of this game had told at the time of launch that Apex Legends Mobile does not have controller support. However, there are also controller settings inside the game and some controllers are also working in it. Let us know how you can use the controller in this game.

How the controller will work in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is in the works for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 controllers, including official Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One controllers. Their support is not perfect, but you can play games easily with their help. Let us know how you can connect these controllers with Apex Legends Mobile.

How to add a controller to an android phone

To pair an Xbox or PlayStation controller to Apex Legends Mobile on an Android phone, you’ll need to put them in pairing mode. The Xbox controller’s pairing mode will start when the Connect button is held down for a few seconds, and the PlayStation controller’s pairing mode will start when the PS and Share buttons are pressed simultaneously.

After the pairing mode of the controller is turned on, you need to turn on your Android smartphone. After this, going to the connection settings, you will have to scan Bluetooth devices. Now you will see your controller. Tap on it and press the Pair button.

How to Add Controller to iPhone

To pair a controller for Apex Legends Mobile on iPhone, you must first put your controller into pairing mode. After this, go to iPhone’s Settings and turn on Bluetooth, scan the device, and tap on the controller when it appears in the list to pair.

How to Change Controller Settings in Apex Legends Mobile

To change the settings of the controller in Apex Legends Mobile, you have to go to the game’s settings. Here you will see a tab named Controller v1.0. Ongoing into it, you will see the controller on the screen. You can change the controller setting by going to Custom Layout. For this, you have to connect the buttons of the controller to the different responses of the game.

You can change the sensitivity and other things by going to the Basic tab on the Control Settings page. You can make more changes by going to Camera Settings. After setup, you can check your controller in the firing range of the game.

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