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iPhone 13 orders on Flipkart are getting cancelled: Here’s how Twitterati are reacting



iPhone 13 Orders on Flipkart

Flipkart is hosting The Big Billion Days sale on its platform between September 23, 2022, and September 30, 2022. During the course of this sale, the company is offering the iPhone 13 at a price of under Rs 50,000

While iPhone 13’s deal price kept increasing over several hours, it was still worth buying even at around Rs 55,000. Many interested buyers took advantage of this offer and ordered the iPhone 13 from Flipkart. However, several buyers have been reporting that Flipkart canceled their iPhone 13 order.

Some users have even taken to social media to share their ordeal pertaining to their canceled iPhone 13 orders. Here is what Flipkart users are saying on Twitter

iPhone 13 orders are getting canceled by Flipkart during the Big Billion Days sale

Flipkart has started notifying buyers that their iPhone 13 order has been canceled. People have taken the matter to Twitter to report the issue. So, if you’re one of them and have witnessed a cancellation message from Flipkart, you’re not alone.

In addition to the canceled iPhone 13 orders, Flipkart users are also complaining about how the e-retailer has been consistently increasing the deal price of the device. Interested buyers are complaining that during the sneak peek of its Big Billion Days Sale, the company noted that it will offer the iPhone 13 at a price of fewer than Rs 50,000, but now the company is offering the device at a price of around Rs 57,000, which is less than the regular price of the device. The iPhone 13 starts at Rs 69,900 in India.

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Customers will get the refund after September 30

The iPhone 13 shipment get canceled from the seller’s side. The reason why this happened is still not disclosed by Flipkart. However, a possible reason for these iPhone 13 order cancellations could be the very high demand and limited stock available with the seller.

Some users are also complaining about a long queue for the refund on their canceled iPhone 13 order, due to which they won’t be able to place another order. This Flipkart Big Billion Days sale will end on September 30th, and users might not get the refund amount by then.

At the time of writing this article, the 128GB variant of the iPhone 13 was selling at Rs 58,990 on Flipkart.

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