Noises on VoIP Calls: How to Say Adieu to Unwanted Noises on VoIP Calls

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Noises on VoIP Calls: How to Say Adieu to Unwanted Noises on VoIP Calls

There are ways to further improve the quality of VoIP calls in order to make them as reliable and functional as any calls which are Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) – based. One of the ways is to alleviate or totally eradicate the noises encountered by the users.

Noises on VoIP Calls: How to Say Adieu to Unwanted Noises on VoIP Calls

VoIP: A Simplified Background

VoIP is a testament to the ever-growing telephony technology we have to date. Despite the fact that telephone systems have been around for more the century, continuous breakthroughs keep occurring.  As compared to traditional phone systems, Internet telephony is in itself a digital form of communication.

It makes use of the packets that are broken down and eventually converted into a format that is similar to other data transmitted via the Internet. Once they are decoded, they are then transformed into analog systems that allow another person to hear and interpret. Using  VoIP as a mean to communicate is convenient and easy  as all you need is a computer an stable Internet connection to make call.

This technology has become a practical choice for many businesses. Even start-ups and small businesses can afford to have this technology that will enable them to survive the competition in the market. Business owners may pay for the packages according to their budget.

These packages have features that can be customized according to your specific needs. It is best to get in touch with providers whether it is RingCentral or not to know more about the packages and features that can be availed.

Noises on VoIP

There are instances when noise penetrates into the sound of a telephone call.  When it is present in a VoIP call, it is often referred to as ‘distortion’ and can be categorized as either subtractive or additive.

Noises are among the possible reasons that degrade the quality of VoIP. On the end of any analog phones, delays and packet losses are two among the common issues.  The presence of echoes and other forms of noises have likewise been observed to be in existence in certain analog phone conversations.

When it comes to VoIP, quantization distortion may happen. This is the result of the difference between digitized value achieved and the actual analog value of the voice.  Another reason could also due to level or attenuation issues or the deterioration of signal strength. Codec distortion may also contribute to the generation of noises on VoIP. The eradication of the noises is as essential.

Minimizing the Noise on VoIP

Understanding the physical conditions is the first step in knowing how voice signal can be interrupted. Whenever the signal level slumps, noises are normally generated. The type of hard ware as well as other related equipment is also a potential contributor to the noises. Electrical connections are also a criterion in the overall quality of VoIP calls.

To fix the problem, one way is to correlate the incidence of the noise with the equipment to the appropriate routes. If problems are linked with the TDM trunk, then you may opt to verify the loss plan you have with your subscription. If problems are detected on the packet path, then you may want to also check the existing excessive loss of packets. The use of software such as SoliCall could also be utilized in the attempt to reduce the noises.

Final Words

There are certain ways you can do to minimize the noise on VoIP. You may check the type of installed equipment you have as well as the stability of your connection. Another method is to find a way to check the source of the problem (e.g. signal issues, packet loss, etc).

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