Panasonic Unveils its Uber High-Tech Hanger

Necessity Convenience is the mother of invention. Whatever you might fancy with more efficient use will always be the better choice when it comes to techie stuff.

At the very least, that is according to Panasonic’s latest marketing gimmick promotion. If you’re into something that could make garment maintenance more technical, then this might be a nice solution for you.

What Hangs Fresh, Stays Fresh

Credit via Panasonic

The deodorizing hanger, as Panasonic officially refers to it as, is a device that indeed is used like any normal hanger. But there’s an obvious perk: it functions as deodorizer (surprise!). More specifically, it uses its specially designed system to rid of the awful and moldy stayed-too-long-in-the-closet scent of your shirts and jackets.

The system, which is a proprietary technology named as “Nano-E X” (ナノイー X) claims to be able to do what it does by scattering negatively charged nanoparticles into into the air. The moisture in the air, which contains many impurities dissolved within, is attracted to the negatively charged particles, and binds with it. Thus, the source of these smells is eliminated.

While the system itself has already been used in a number of other products such as air conditioners, this is the first time that it was directly installed on a tool or gadget that is not designed for air or atmospheric modification. As to why the technology was marketed for such a product, only Panasonic knows.

Huge ‘Innovative’ Potential?

Credit via Panasonic

While there is a considerable doubt to the concept of using the “Nano-E X” technology on a simple clothing hanger, the product’s statistical introduction actually reveals something very peculiar. The advertised data, or at least what is presented as the experimental data, is actually focused on three specific scents and smells: sweat, grilled meat, and smoke.

If you frequent Japanese urban areas at night, or are acquainted with common after-work activities of the regular sarariiman (office employee), these three scents should be familiar. These are what Japanese regular employees are exposed to during izakaya (pub) eating and drinking nights. Having a good hanger to rid of these smells without having the need to wash your coat could indeed be quite convenient, so long as your suit doesn’t get too soiled of course.

Then again, convenience is simply a matter of different perspectives. How different you ask? About 20,000 yen ($178) per piece. It is very likely that interested sarariiman would just keep one around, unless you’re using them for a laundry business or something.

Source: Kaden Watch (Japanese)

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