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Picuki for Instagram: Is it Really Safe and Anonymous?



Picuki for Instagram

Instagram is a great social media platform that keeps users hooked. But sometimes what happens is – we want to explore Instagram without making any account on it, Is it possible? Well, on Instagram, there is no option like that, if you want to access Instagram, you must have an account. But here, Picuki for Instagram comes to the rescue.

What is Picuki?

Picuki for Instagram is basically a tool that keeps your activities on Instagram safe and you can access Instagram without requiring any account.

Also, Picuki promises users that it is completely safe and anonymous. It helps you in exploring Instagram without an account on it. Isn’t it great?

Now, you must be thinking about how Picuki works or if is Picuki safe or not, Right? To answer all these questions, we have intended this post. Just continue with your reading !!

How does Picuki work with Instagram?

Picuki for Instagram

Picuki is basically an Instagram viewer or editor This trending tool allows users to access the content available on Instagram via an API (Application Program Interface), called “Instagram Basic Display API.” Moreover, the API here also helps users of the app to get all profile information, photos, and videos in IG accounts.

Picuki works as a search engine for the content posted on Instagram. Here if you want to search any public figure or any IG user, then you can do so easily and can view their photos, videos, stories, profiles, locations, tags, and more via Picuki.

You can download Instagram photos and videos using Picuki 

Yes, you read that right. With Picuki, you can also download posts and videos very easily. For the same, just follow these few steps :

  1. Initially visit using any web browser.
  2. Then go to the section where it will ask for your username. Type the username.
  3. Here multiple accounts will appear in front of you with matching results.
  4. Now, click on the desired account.
  5. After that, start exploring posts and Click on any desired post.
  6. Then, start Downloading the post from there by simply clicking on the download tab.

Is Picuki safe for using Instagram?

Now the main question arises – Is Picuki safe?  Well, till now, it is a completely safe tool to access Instagram.  The reason why we are saying this is – It is using Instagram’s official API to provide the content that you are looking for.  Moreover, it is not exploiting anyone’s rights and doesn’t ask for a penny. in fact, you don’t even have to register on it.  Since When it comes to registration, some people got afraid that their data will go there and can be misused. So here, the users get freedom from all such worries.

  • Here, you just have to launch the tool and start accessing Instagram anonymously.
  • You can fearlessly view anyone’s profile, posts, stories, locations, tags, and everything else that’s available on Instagram.
  • The only limitation here is that you can’t access private profiles. You can view only public profiles.

Since It makes use of Instagram’s authentic API to give you access to the content material you’re in search of, It can be considered 100% safe. Moreover, it is not doing any illegal activity as giving you access to public profiles only. So, it is free from legal hurdles too.

How to View Instagram Stories anonymously?

Picuki for Instagram

Since on Picuki, you don’t have to register. You just have to go to their website and enter the username whose profile you want to check out. You don’t need an account, so definitely you can access all Instagram stuff with complete anonymity. Therefore, yes, It is rightly said that- You can access Instagram via Picuki anonymously.

Moreover, Picuki will leave no trace on the Instagram app.

There is one more advantage of Picuki, with its help you can view the Insta DP in full-size and download this profile picture in its original quality with a Picuki account.

Usually, as you know, Instagram does not allow you to view someone’s Instagram profile picture in full-size. It is not even available for download.

Final words :

Hey readers, Picuki for Instagram is completely safe and anonymous. If you don’t want to make an account on Instagram, but want to access profiles, then you must give it a try.


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