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Snapchat introduces its first AR game called ‘Ghost Phone’



Snapchat Harry Potter

Snapchat has launched a new in-app game called Ghost Phone designed to showcase the company’s AR technology by allowing players to discover the secrets of an abandoned phone and hunt supernatural beings around them. To launch the game, users can head to Snapchat’s Lens Explorer and find the Lens called Ghost Phone. The company says the game is built using the Lens Studio and web-first game engine PlayCanvas. The game uses Snap’s World Mesh technology and surface recognition to place game objects around the user.

To play, you’ll have to hunt different kinds of ghosts by performing various activities. Players can find clues within text messages and data and unlock Camera Modes to capture the AR ghosts, while also learning more information about the abandoned phone. You’ll also have to get up and move around a bit to complete the game’s tasks, but there’s no Pokémon Go-level effort required.

How to play the Ghost Phone AR game on Snapchat?

To play this game, users need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Snapchat app and then head to the Lens Explorer section
  2. Look for the ‘Ghost Phone’ lens
  3. Find clues within the text messages and apps on the phone

Players can unlock spooky camera modes to find and capture spirits and what happened to “Lisa”. A good thing about this game is even if you quit and come back to play the game, your progress will be saved and you can resume from right where you left off. This game will require the players to move around a bit to complete the tasks assigned, somewhat similar to what we saw in the Nintantic’s Pokémon Go-level game. Other games that the social media platform offers are Bitmoji Party, Bitmoji Tennis, and Bitmoji Paint.

Importance of Ghost Phone AR game on Snapchat

“We are evolving our business and strategy to reaccelerate revenue growth, including innovating on our products, investing heavily in our direct response advertising business, and cultivating new sources of revenue to help diversify our topline growth,” said Spiegel. 

However, none of the AR games till now has come up to par with Pokemon Go. Nonetheless, Snap hopes that Ghost Phone will garner a dedicated following while utilizing its AR features like Lens. 

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