Tesla Model 3 Production Finally Begins: Expectations and Projections

The month of July was a prime and exciting month for Tesla, ever since the company first unveiled the Model 3 over a year ago. Its road to the masses finally opened, with its manufacture and production now on the way.

But before we expect the Model 3 to roll down our modern urban streets, it’d be nice for everyone to know everything about its development and production. Here are some of the most important highlights that everyone should remember about Teslas most cost-effective EV yet:

Simpler was Indeed Better

Credit via Flickr by Automotive Rhythms

Tesla had a rather ambitious stride with the unveiling of the Model X a few short years ago. Ambitious, in the way that the company incorporated far too many sophisticated features, putting a significant strain on its production speed. The Model 3 takes away the space-age designs, in favor of a simpler, more down-to-earth features. This not only saved production time, but also maintained its reliability using a tried and tested layout.

It’s Either 220 or 310

Credit via Tesla

Range-wise, the Model 3 isn’t exactly designed to greatly exceed the previous Model X or Model S. Rather, Tesla wants to give potential customers two options: a 220-mile (354 km) range for $35,000, or an extended 310-mile one for $44,000. The bigger capacity one is of particular importance, because it is comparatively 30% smaller than what the Model X had used.

Thirty on the Thirty

Credit via Tesla

The very first commercial Model 3 came out fresh from Tesla’s production line last July 7th. As of July 28th, the total number is now bumped to 30. Within a month, Tesla finished the very first 30 cars, delivering them to their very first early buyers last Tesla’s recent Model 3 launch event. Quite underwhelming in terms of competitive standards actually, but it’s going to be bumped to almost 20,000 per month by the end of this year.

Reservations on the Rise

Credit via Flickr by Steve Jurvetson

Tesla had also confirmed that the number of reservations for the Model 3 has risen to over half a million already. To put that into perspective, the Model S, which unfortunately sold way better than the later Model X, only sold about a third of the number of these reservations. That alone tells a lot about the efficiency of Tesla’s price down plans for its development phases.

The Big ‘iPhone’ Moment

Credit via Tesla

Smartphones wouldn’t be the norm today if not for the introduction of the iPhone. It’s introduction paved the way for a brand new spin on existing technologies that we never thought we needed or wanted. The same thing is predicted to happen to the Model 3. Longtime Apple analyst Gene Munster stated that the Model 3’s delivery to its first customers will be its iPhone moment, the point in time when the floodgates for EVs and self-driving cars will finally open completely.

So far, Elon Musk’s master plan of developing the ultimate price-competitive standard spec EV is going well so far. Despite all the numerous setbacks Tesla went through for its first decade, it effectively managed to utilize everything that the company has learned, and integrated it into its long-term objectives. The Model 3 is the culmination of their current efforts, and we certainly hope that things will finally take off for Tesla… the business entity that directly challenged the paradigm of today’s automotive industry.

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