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Twitter to roll out immersive media viewer with vertical video scrolling



Twitter New Features

Key Specifications:

  • Twitter finally announces a new design for the interface
  • The new feature will roll out in the coming weeks
  • Soon, users will be able to see videos in full-screen mode
Twitter begins rolling out the implementation of a new design for its platform’s video viewing interface. This will let users see videos that appear in their feeds or tweets in full-screen mode. In order to view more videos, users will also be able to vertically scroll from the full-screen view.
The company is also bringing changes to the explore tab. This will add a video carousel function and move user-interested tweets under a section called “Videos for you.”
The move comes when other social media apps like YouTube and Instagram have shifted their strategy and adopted TikTok-like short video formats and UI for shorts and reels, respectively. However, the micro-blogging site has only opted for UI elements for video content.

Twitter Announces redesigned video viewing experience on its platform

Over the next few days, Twitter will roll out the immersive media viewer with vertical scrolling enabled for iOS users using Twitter in English. The company, while making the announcement through a blog post emphasizes that they intend to make Twitter ‘the best place for video’.

The Twitter blog post also included an embedded tweet to actor Ryan Reynolds’ tweet that announced the teaser to his upcoming movie Deadpool 3, also starring Hugh Jackman. Twitter says that fun movie teasers will be an important part of the media viewing experience on Twitter, through the blog post.

Twitter had earlier tried to expand its incorporation of video into its platform by launching Fleets in November 2020. However, the company pulled the plug on this project just eight months after the kickoff. Fleets looked to introduce a story-like feature first seen on Snapchat, and then eventually adopted by Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. However, users reported the Fleets to feature on Twitter to be sluggish owing to technical glitches. Despite the company fixing these issues, the feature failed to gather much traction with users.

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