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10 Strongest Ilari Healing Pylons in Overwatch 2



Ilari healing pylons in overwatch 2

Ilari Healing Pylons in Overwatch 2: The launch of Ilari in Season 6 of Overwatch 2 has received huge positivity from the OW community. A hybrid support hero, he is capable of dealing first-class damage while keeping his group alive in the most difficult situations. Her number one restoration application, the Restoration Pylon, is critical to providing adequate healing for the crew.

Obviously, the healing pylon, being a destructive deployable item, wants to be involved. Our manual will showcase 10 strong points for players to utilize in order to maximize the use of the pylon while also keeping it safe from enemy fire. Continue studying for more specific rationales.

10 overpowered spots for Ilari Healing Pylons in Overwatch 2

With this guide, we aim to show an extremely powerful placement for 10 different maps in Overwatch 2. Follow the given resources for exact replication.

1) Havana (First Defense Point)

To field this recovery pylon, players must do the following:

  • Inside the first security factor in Havana. Head towards the building facing the attacker.
  • Take the flight of stairs and turn right.
  • Upon completing the ledge, look up and place the pylon vertically.

This recovery pylon is best for defending the initial aggression coming from the attacking spawn in Havana. The pylon will distribute the treatment not only to those on the first floor of the building but also to all players gambling by floor.

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Moreover, it is very cleverly situated to keep it safe from enemy fire. Every person who wishes to destroy this pylon will have to overextend, possibly resulting in their elimination.

2) Esperanca

This recovery arch in Esperança can be located in the following way:

  • Head towards the clock tower in the middle of the map.
  • Factor your crosshairs as shown in the image above.
  • Throw the recovery pylon, it will stick to the window and automatically hide through its frame.

In this position, the pylon is extremely safe and is rarely visible to the enemy team. This placement is ideal for dealing with the initial stalemate and fighting that occurs in push maps.

3) Circuit Royale (Defense)

This pylon can be placed in Circuit Royale in Overwatch 2 by following these steps:

  • Move towards the bridge, seeing the first choke point.
  • Go to the room shown in the photo above and stand parallel in front of the vase.
  • Place the pylon in such a way that its head is facing outside (as shown in the photo).

This recovery pylon is best to protect against the enemy team’s aggression in the early part of the cart push. The pylon is safe from enemy fire and will provide health benefits to all participants gambling from the bridge and the room shown in the picture.

4) Dorado (1st defense point)

The displayed pylon is best in Dorado for its attractive display against the enemy. With fairly competitive placement, this can allow players to completely shut out the opposition by pushing the cart to the first factor.

To install this arch, follow these steps:

  • Head towards the building nearest the attacker spawn (as shown in the photo).
  • Using Outburst, climb the building.
  • Health Benefits Place the pylon on the parapet wall (as shown in the photo) and hoist.
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With its large range, the pylon will keep all participants engaged from the floor and keep the building safe from enemy fire.

5) Route 66 (2nd defense point)

To get this powerful health-boosting arch, continue with the following guide:

  • Go under the shed, closer to the trough.
  • Throw the pylon, keeping your crosshair towards the center of the wooden extension.
  • By effectively executing the circuit the healing pylon will descend as shown in the picture.

The location of this pylon is optimal to protect the second section of the payload push on Course Sixty. Located under the cover of an impenetrable shed, the Recovery Pylon will ensure that all players remain healthy while avoiding enemies.

6) Blizzard World (2nd defense point)

This archway is probably the least effective type. However, it does a great job of keeping front-line warriors alive. As they keep the payload from being pushed to another point in a blizzard.

To get this placement, follow these steps:

  • Climb over the bridge overlooking the choke point near the first capture point.
  • Head towards the rock formations and use Outburst to get the Steel Shape between the rocks.
  • Throw your recovery pylon into the appropriate corner, as shown inside the picture.
  • When placed well, enemies can be harassed through the constant flow of recovery. That player will receive from the Restoration Pylon.

7) Junkertown (1st Attack Point)

Often, the initial choke factor in Junkertown is hard to overcome. With this extremely secure recovery pylon, which ensures infinite delivery of recovery, players can have little difficulty in destroying enemies.

To place this pylon, go near the bridge and place it on the left corner of the steel sheet (as shown in the picture). Despite its simple position, the pylon is safe from any incoming attack.

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8) Rialto (2nd defense point)

Similar to Junker Metropolis placement, this pylon is not simple. Follow the steps to execute this recovery pylon:

  • Head to the first floor of the building facing the primary point.
  • Install a pylon near the wall.
  • Placing it anywhere between 2 open windows will ensure a safe and useful recovery archway.

Using this, the Sharpshooter and any heroes gambling from the building’s primary grounds will be safe. It is aggressively deployed to prevent attackers from moving payloads beyond the primary point at Rialto.

9) Eichenwalde (2nd defense point)

This recovery pylon is extremely powerful and is an excellent selection for defending the second factor of Eichenwalde. A pylon mounted on trees is barely visible to enemies and can protect everyone’s health even in the worst case.

To install this arch, follow these steps:

  • Go to the bridge adjacent to the second factor.
  • Walk closer to the bushes as shown in the picture.
  • Lean on the optional wall and deploy a recovery pylon. If done properly, it should be placed exactly as shown in the photo.

10) Shambali Monastery (2nd defense point)

To place this Restoration Pylon, players will need to do the following:

  • Head towards the primary point and move towards touchdown.
  • Face the wooden beam on which the pylon is placed (as per photo).
  • Throw your recovery pylon onto the wooden beam. It should land horizontally.

Protected from incoming attacks. This arch is aggressively placed to prevent enemies from advancing beyond. The primary point at the Shambli Monastery. Hope you like our today article on the 10 Strongest Ilari Healing Pylons in Overwatch 2. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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