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3 Apps to Download for Better Essay Writing



We live in the era of smart phones and stupid people. This statement is rubbish, don’t you think so? But no one can deny that our phones are smart. Software developers are constantly improving the existing models. Smart software devs.

But our phones also become cleverer with every app we download. Shazam can find the song we liked within seconds. Boomerang and Layout can create amazing short videos and photo collages. Trello has replaced boring office meetings for lots of people.

We also have a whole pack of apps that are constantly calculating something. Our calories and footsteps. How long we sleep and how often we meditate. And a lot of other data, too, that is private to share.

So why don’t you use this potential when it comes to college assignments? If you google “need EssayPro writers to write an essay for me”, say no more. It is a perfect choice with a guaranteed result. In this case, you do need to overload your smartphone with extra essay-writing apps.

You can still keep reading this article for educational purposes. Smart people developed many great tools for your smartphone. And perhaps one day, you will check these apps out.

Enjoy the Digital Era Benefits

Twenty-thirty years ago, students used to write their essays by hand. There was no opportunity to check the spelling of the word through a built-in dictionary. Imagine how time-consuming it was. Students had to keep writing for hours to meet the deadline.

And then imagine: you start re-reading your masterpiece and find a spelling or grammar mistake. It is staring at you from the middle of the page. No editing option. A poor thing had to rewrite the whole page.


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Not to mention that nobody (or rather nothing) could hint to you on how to improve your sentence. Or count the number of words. It seems like the Middle Ages. But it was not so long ago. So enjoy and appreciate the below-listed apps.

Hemingway Editor

It’s as if Hemingway edited your essays, isn’t it cool? Let us dive into the name of this app. The app measures the readability of your piece of writing in grades. Any grade below 9 is good. But the lower – the better. Ernest Hemingway’s works usually were between Grades 4 and 6.

The app also analyzes:

  • adverbs
  • Passive voice usage
  • Complicated words or phrases
  • Sentences that are hard and very hard to read

Let us have a closer look at each of these points. Hemingway Editor seems to be against adverbs. In some cases, it is perfectly justified. Look at the previous sentence. Does the word “perfectly” strengthen the verb? Then remove it.

But, to be honest, sometimes this editor is strict with the adverbs that are important. So you need to think critically. Hemingway would highlight “critically” in the previous sentence.

Active voice sentences sound sharper than passive voice ones. And most of the time, you can rewrite the sentence. If there are many of them in your essay, replace them. You will see how your grades improve, both Hemingway grades and college ones.

Difficult VS complicated, different VS various, etc. Hemingway editor always goes for the easiest option. The same goes for sentences. If they are hard to read, break them. The reader will be grateful.

This editor uses a system of colors for the analysis:

  • blue (for adverbs)
  • green (for Passive Voice)
  • purple (for simpler alternatives)
  • yellow (for sentences that are hard to read)
  • red (for sentences that are very hard to read)


Our previous suggestion has the name of the American novelist. This app is the namesake of a modernist novel. It is an app for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. They call it an app for those who love to write and write a lot. Perhaps you are both.

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You will fall in love with its interface. It may not be easy to find a safe college essay writing service online. The same goes for finding an app that does not distract. With Ulysses, it is a perfect match.

The app has got a built-in proofreader and editing assistant. It will help you with:

  • capitalization
  • semantics
  • punctuation
  • style
  • redundancy

Let your essay shine by avoiding mistakes and meeting the right tone in 20+ languages.


You are more than likely to be familiar with this app. When it comes to grammar, it is probably the best. Other apps may have grammar checking as an option. Grammarly focuses on this aspect of your essay entirely. It has also got a premium version for perfectionists.


But the free version is also powerful. It evaluates such aspects as:

  • Correctness
  • Clarity
  • Engagement
  • Delivery

With correctness, you can check the alerts step by step. What does this include?

  • replacing miswritten words
  • removing redundancy
  • adding missing commas, hyphens, etc.
  • correcting preposition usage
  • capitalizing the words
  • removing unnecessary spaces

You can also check out clarity and conciseness for free. You should go Premium for Engagement and Delivery, though. But there is a nice bonus here too. You can add Grammarly to your Chrome for free! So you will see all the hints automatically when you type an email or a Google doc.

There is a feature that you can see as a disadvantage. If you misspell the word on purpose (usually for a pun), the app will not understand it. But you have an opportunity to add the word to your vocabulary. Then the app will not see it as a mistake next time.

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This list has the best options. But do not limit yourself to Hemingway, Ulysses, and Grammarly. The market is rich in great essay writing offers. An official EssayPro app on Google Play is definitely worth your attention, as well as many other apps in this field.

Pros and Cons of Essay Writing Apps

To sum things up, we made a list of advantages and disadvantages. We did not focus on any specific app. It is a general overview.


  • These apps are easy to use thanks to their user-friendly interface
  • Most of them have a decent free version
  • Storing all your writing in one place as opposed to dozens of folders
  • The customer support team is usually very helpful and customer-friendly
  • Powerful note-taking features
  • Compatibility with Mac, Windows, and Android products


  • Advanced proofreading and editing features are usually available only in the Premium version
  • Absence of plagiarism checker
  • Some of the apps require registration
  • The free version can sometimes allow only a few hundred words at a time

Yet, there are more pros than cons. So when you finish writing your next college essay, put it into these editors before submitting it. For a better result, use a couple of them for the same piece of writing.

With time, you will see how much your essay writing skills improve. You will instinctively put commas and hyphens in the right places. As soon as you type a Passive Voice sentence, you will erase it and write a new one in Active Voice. These changes for the better are inevitable. You will love it. And so will your college professors.


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