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3 fantasy horror videogame franchises we want to see expanded



Video games have come a long way since Pong and Space Invaders first emerged on arcade screens decades ago, boasting graphics, animations, and epic storylines that keep gamers at the edges of their seats.

Fantasy horror games remain an immensely popular genre among gamers; from their dark tales filled with shadowy creatures lurking around corners to intense plotlines that keep you on edge to their immersive storylines, there’s always been something captivating and suspenseful about fantasy horror games that keep players turning pages until midnight comes around!

Given the popularity of the theme, there are several ways in which the best can be expanded into other forms of games. It could be possible for developers to look to enter the board game market or even look to produce mobile or iGaming titles. How cool would it be to head to a casino online and find slots based on horror titles such as Dark Souls, Darkstalkers, or even Castlevania?!

The aforementioned three video game franchises are the ones that we feel would be best suited to being expanded across new forms of gaming mediums.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls is one of the most engaging fantasy horror games ever released, boasting intricate world-building, epic boss battles, and dark themes that have won fans worldwide. However, Dark Souls needs more expansion beyond its current offerings to reach its full potential.

Dark Souls could expand to other mediums, including board and mobile gaming. Imagine taking on the role of Chosen Undead while exploring an intricate world with friends on a board game version of Dark Souls! Or playing mobile gaming versions that challenge bosses while exploring new areas while building characters over time – both possibilities could open up plenty of opportunities to expand Dark Souls in new directions.

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Darkstalkers is a classic fighting game franchise dating back to the 1990s. Known for its diverse cast of characters with unique abilities and fighting styles, Darkstalkers has enjoyed considerable success as a fighting game franchise; however, its success beyond that has yet to materialize.

Darkstalkers could expand into mobile gaming with mobile-specific games featuring story, challenge, and multiplayer modes. Also, consider playing Darkstalkers-themed slot machines featuring your favorite characters on their reels with bonus rounds featuring epic battles between characters!


Castlevania is one of the longest-running and most iconic fantasy horror video game franchises around, having debuted back in 1980 and featuring numerous sequels, spin-offs, adaptations, and spin-offs since. Though the series has seen considerable success within gaming circles alone, Castlevania still hasn’t truly broken free to explore other areas yet.

Castlevania could expand to tabletop gaming as well, providing you and your friends with an interactive adventure through Dracula’s Castle while taking part in some of its iconic boss battles and unearthing hidden treasures and secrets. Another avenue would be mobile gaming, where users could build their own castles, recruit minions, and battle other players over control of land.

Final Thoughts

By expanding into other areas such as mobile gaming, casino gaming, tabletop gaming, and beyond, franchises could reach even wider audiences and give fans more ways to immerse themselves in these incredible worlds. We would love to see it happen!

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