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3 Tips for Creating a Programming-Friendly Environment for Kids



Now that you have finally enrolled your kid in an online program, it is time to start creating a programming-friendly environment where they can flourish and learn more effectively.

Keep in mind that even though many kids coding programs provide great online support for your kids, they would still be able to grasp the lesson more effectively if they are in a more supportive and encouraging environment.

So with that said, we have listed a few tips that you can do to help your kids learn and do their coding projects more effectively.

Personal Computer

The very first thing that you should do is to get your kid their own laptop or desktop. This way, they would feel a sense of ownership as well as accountability for all of the things that they do.

On top of that, giving them their own personal computer would allow them to explore other projects that they find interesting. It is hard to do other projects on a family computer if they know that they do not personally own it.

If giving them their personal computer is non-negotiable in your household, then you can at least create their own personal account on the computer. This way, they would know how to organize their own files as well as download learning tools and software that they need in class.

Remember that learning how to code also means learning different tools, downloading a lot of resources, and compiling codes using different software. So if your kids already have a hard time locating all these files on your family computer, then they would also find it difficult to catch up with the lesson and do all the work that they need to accomplish for the program.

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Own Space

Another factor that makes an environment conducive and effective for learning is the actual space itself. As much as you want to look out for your kids and have them do all the work at the dinner table, it is much more effective if they have their own space where they can study and do all their work.

Just like us adults, kids need their own space where they can organize all their things as well. On top of that, they need a place where they can collect their own thoughts and learn how to ask questions to their teachers on their own. If you are hovering over them most of the time, then they would feel discouraged to ask questions to their teacher and they would simply rely on you for help.

As much as possible, you should teach them how to be independent and to face their own problems. Because when it comes to coding and programming, they would face a lot of bugs and problems along the way. And part of becoming a real coder is knowing how to fix all these bugs and problems in their code.

Besides, most kids coding programs offer 24/7 support to their students, and most of the time, it is inclusive when you enroll and pay for their lessons. So if your kid ever faces a problem, then they can easily just contact their teachers for help. You do not have to go over and beyond to fix your kid’s coding problem. Just let the professional coders and developers help them.

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Encourage them to Pursue Other Projects

Now that you have given them their own space and computer for learning, there are still ways that you can support and encourage them. That said, one of the best things that you can do is to introduce them to other interesting projects.

Luckily, finding a cool and awesome project for your kids is not that difficult. There are tons of kids coding game and projects that they can do on the side whilst still attending their online lessons. For instance, they can make their own Minecraft mods or create their own game in Roblox.

The important thing is to find an area of interest that your kids would like and suggest a few cool activities that they can do.

But, before you suggest any additional projects or activities to your kids, make sure that it is within their level and they would be able to accomplish them. It would defeat your whole purpose if you ask them to do a project beyond their skill set.



All in all, your role as parents is to simply guide them, encourage them, and always be there for them. Since coding is more of a trial-and-error process, you need to let them explore the subject and let them learn how to do things on their own.

Because at the end of the day, what they learn from these coding programs would not only be helpful for their future careers, but they can also learn several soft skills that are important as they move through adulthood. So on that note, make sure that they are getting the most out of every lesson by creating a more conducive and effective learning environment.

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