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4 Good Reasons You Might Need to Use Impact Sensors in Shipping



Impacts are a fact of shipping; it is simply impossible for a package to travel from here to there without experiencing a single bump. Fortunately, you can protect your shipped goods from most minor impacts through proper packaging — but if you are still concerned about the impacts experienced by your shipments, you might take advantage of impact sensors.

There is a wide variety of impact sensors available, from simple sticker labels that indicate when a package has experienced a certain threshold of force to real-time trackers of shocks that can alert you when dangerous events have taken place. Many businesses can benefit from using impact sensors in their shipping process, either temporarily or permanently. Here are a few good reasons you might consider integrating impact sensors into your shipping today.

You Need More Information About the Shipping Process

Unless you are traveling in the cargo hold with your packages, you will know frustratingly little about how each step of the shipping process affects your goods. If you or your customers are consistently noticing damage to your shipped items, you need to gain more information about how your goods are faring throughout the shipping process — and impact sensors can provide some of the data you require. Specifically, impact sensors can tell you about two crucial components of shipping:

Your Carrier

Not all carriers are created equal. Some carriers are careless with their handling of packages, which results in a greater amount and degree of damage. Impact sensors can tell you that your packages are experiencing rough handling and that you need to find a more careful carrier in the future. Sensors can also signal to carriers that certain packages require more conscientious handling.

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Your Packaging

The one component you have complete control over is the packaging of your shipped goods. Even the most cautious carrier in the world can do little to prevent damage to goods that are not properly packaged. Impact sensors can help you identify the levels of force that are causing damage to your goods during shipping, so you can invest in more appropriate cushioning and fill to keep your goods safe. Here is more information about the importance of sustainable packaging.

You Deal in Exceedingly Sensitive Goods

Most shipped items can withstand the minor bumps that occur throughout the shipping process — but some goods are especially sensitive to even the smallest amount of force. Some materials will crack or deform with the slightest impacts; others may have extremely fine calibration that may be knocked out of sync during shipping. Sensitive goods will require special care during transit, and you will need to work with your carrier to ensure that level of care is possible.

Even if you partner with a trustworthy carrier, you might continue to utilize impact sensors in your shipping process. Impact sensors can help you identify potential damage upon delivery of goods, so you can refuse to accept your packages and expedite any damage claims with the carrier or an insurance provider. As mentioned above, impact sensors can also remind your carrier that your packages require extra care and attention, which might reduce the likelihood of rough handling and any resulting damage.

You Want to Cultivate a Reputation for Safety

Customers rarely experience an event as frustrating as opening a long-awaited package to find a damaged product. If customers continue to receive damaged goods from a specific seller, they will publicly complain about their experience through ratings and reviews. Unfortunately, this can impact the buying decisions of other consumers, leading to fewer conversions and lower revenues.

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If you want to demonstrate your business’s commitment to high-quality goods, you might consider employing impact sensors on your packages. In addition to providing you with information that can help you fine-tune your packaging and shipping processes, impact sensors signal to consumers that you are willing to spend more time and money on keeping your products perfectly safe. Most consumers appreciate this diligence and will happily report your commitment to safety and security in online reviews, helping to improve your reputation with your target audience.

You can and should do what you can to mitigate the impact of impacts during shipping. For some companies, that means making liberal use of impact sensors on goods shipped from here to there.


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