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4 Potential Features & Technology That We Can Hope to Expect from the Next iPhone



Apple is gearing up to make an official announcement regarding the release and specifications of its highly anticipated iPhone 14 series. The industry and global social media space are abuzz with rumors and speculation as tech wizards and netizens are struggling to contain their excitement over the year’s biggest tech release.

According to the rumor mill, Apple has decided to discontinue the mini versions, given their abysmal revenue potential. The iPhone 14 series will not be available in a mini version, as the manufacturer is designing 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch models, and the Pro models are expected to be taller.

Read on to explore potential features and upgrades we hope to expect in the new iPhone.

1. New Approach to Design

The smartphone sector is abuzz with rumors around Apple’s new hole-punch + pill design. Tech observers analyze that Apple has finally decided to ditch the sleek iPhone X aesthetic, and the new iPhone 14 series will come with an exclusive, never-seen-before design.

The tech giant will launch the Pro models with a cutting-edge design, while the regular versions will be similar to the previous releases.

2. Break from Power Traditions

Independent sources observe that Apple is breaking several long-held traditions with its new iPhone 14 series. The 6.1-inch model in the iPhone 14 series is expected to be powered by the same A15 chip that powers the hot-selling iPhone 13. The 6.7-inch model will feature the 14 Max, with an upgraded 6GB RAM.

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The higher-end and exuberantly expensive models, iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max will feature exclusive upgrades, like the innovative A16 SoC. Apple has decided to rebrand its standard A15 chip for its mainstream and budgeted offerings.

3. The Biggest Selfie Camera

Apple is gearing up to steal the smartphone-camera crown by releasing the world’s biggest front-facing camera. Reports reveal that the iPhone 14 Pro comes with a 48MP main sensor – marking the most innovative and substantial camera upgrade in the iPhone series in decades.

The 48-MP wide sensor camera is another remarkable addition that elevates a smartphone camera into a fully-functional and immersive professional device. The new releases promise multiple cutting-edge functionalities, and reports also suggest that Apple will retain its standard 12MP camera sensor in the regular models.

The new camera will come with an enhanced photo and video quality because Apple is expected to ditch the fixed focus camera for autofocus enhancement. Tech journalists also expect the new models to feature a greater f/1.9 aperture.

4. Remarkable Gaming Experience

The iPhone series has always been the best device for immersive gaming experiences. Nearly every model has given intense competition to rivals in terms of graphics, sound quality, and processor performance. So far, the iPhone 13 Pro Max wears the crown of the most powerful and best iPhone for gaming, and the new releases are expected to steal the limelight with remarkable upgrades.

From the impressive size of the display panel to the LTPO panel and state-of-the-art display tech, the iPhone 14 series promises to deliver an unparalleled and highly interactive gaming experience. Popular gaming platforms like Casino 777 Switzerland and Roblox have tens of millions of active iOS users because of the immersive iPhone and iPad gaming experiences.

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Reports suggest that the higher-end models of the iPhone 14 series are likely to leverage the raving popularity of the smartphone gaming culture with interactive and innovative upgrades. Rumors suggest that Apple is also gearing up to make dramatic improvements to its exclusive catalog of games, the Apple Arcade.

Final Thoughts

The iPhone 14 series is shrouded in mysteries, rumors, and speculations. Rumor has it that Apple will likely pack the 2022 releases with satellite communication features. This feature would allow users to make phone calls and contact the authorities in case of an emergency. However, the satellite feature was also speculated for the iPhone 13 models, but the manufacturer did not add it to the final release.

The rumor mill will continue churning out speculations and stories, and we’re eagerly awaiting official statements from Apple to see which one of the rumors turns out to be true.

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