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4 Ways To Improve Customer Experience At Different EV Charging Points



4 Ways To Improve Customer Experience At Different EV Charging Points

Let’s find out more about them.

Tips To Improve The Customer Experience At Charging Points

Here are some of the top tips for CPOs (charging point operators) to elevate the customer experience at charging stations Washington DC.

Transparent Pricing

Clear and transparent pricing models are vital to building trust and elevating customer satisfaction levels. CPOs should clearly display pricing information, including the cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) and the additional fees for the users so that they know about everything and there is no surprise at the end when they get the receipt for their charging session. If you offer any subscription plans for the users, then you should display them too so that the users can avail of them if they want. The practice of avoiding hidden costs and surprise charges goes a long way in improving the customer experience and retaining users.

Short Queues At Charging Points

There are around 50,000 public charging stations in the US which offer approximately 130,000+ charging points. However, with the rising demand for electric vehicles among the masses the country needs to add more charging points to meet the overall charging demand of the EV owners. According to the source, the US needs to add around 1.2 million charging points to keep up with the rising number of EVs on the road.

With the high number of EVs in the country, owners will experience long queues at the public charging station to get the charging point to charge their vehicles. No doubt, the fast charging station is able to charge the vehicle in 30 minutes but the waiting time to acquire the charging point further raises the overall charging time which can easily cause major delays in the schedule of the drivers.

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So, CPOs can focus on this issue and add more points to their stations to cater to the needs of EV drivers. By installing more points and stations, the CPOs can benefit from the tax rebate programs and offer shorter queues to their customers which will keep them happy. This will help them to retain the customers in the long run and attract several more.

Reliable Charging Points

One of the worst ways to let the customer down is by offering faulty charging points at your station. Imagine if any driver has arrived at the station in an emergency but the station equipment is faulty, broken, or unresponsive. The driver will feel frustrated and the driver will never visit back to your station because of this bad experience.

So, to avoid these situations, CPOs can remotely monitor the parameters of the charging points and make sure that everything is working correctly. Moreover, they can conduct proper maintenance runs to make sure all the equipment is working so that the customers can enjoy a smooth charging experience for their vehicles.

Robust Security Protocols

The threat of cyber attack is always there when data and connected devices are involved together. In the world of EVs, a lot of sensitive data is shared between devices through stations, charging points, sensors, etc. When you connect the EV to the charging point, there is a possibility of hacking and remote data leaks. However, the possibility of a cyber-attack is more than a physical attack on the EV.

In addition to all this, the risk of data leaks is high when the driver connects the EV via a public charging point. So, CPOs must ensure that they offer proper data security measures at their stations. One of the best ways to tackle data leaks by cyberattacks is by transitioning to a secure cellular connection from the unreliable and unsafe Wi-Fi internet connections at their stations.

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The Final Verdict

Customer experience significantly impacts the customers aligning to specific EV charging points over others. Thus, it is essential to meet such customer-oriented demands in a hassle-free manner and improve the overall customer experience. It will help the customers to emerge as a great service provider.

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