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5 Benefits of Playing Blockchain Games on Immutable-x Platform



Thanks to advancements in blockchain technology, users may now partake in games with actual worth. The Immutable X platform has quickly become the go-to for players looking for a trustworthy and safe blockchain gaming experience.

This essay will cover five advantages of using the Immutable X platform for playing blockchain games. Immutable X provides gamers a unique gaming experience and increased security by utilizing decentralized networks and zero-knowledge-proof technology.

This is a must-read for everyone curious about the thrilling world of blockchain gaming, whether you’re an experienced player or just getting your feet wet.

Play to Earn

The idea behind “Play to Earn” is straightforward. Players on the Immutable-X platform can earn tokens and other digital assets by participating in blockchain-based games. Players can use their loot to buy new stuff, level up their character, or even buy and sell with other players.

Play to Earn is based on the principle that players should be rewarded for the time and effort they put into a game. That’s why when playing immutable x games, you can’t buy or grind your way to awards; you have to play the game to get them.

That’s excellent news since it means players can get in and have fun without worrying about whether or not they have the financial wherewithal to make significant in-game advancements.

In sum, Play to Earn on the Immutable-X platform offers players a fantastic chance to cash in on their gaming prowess while also taking advantage of the many benefits provided by blockchain technology. They also offer some of the best play-to-earn games on the blockchain.

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Access to Open Source Games

When you play blockchain games on the Immutable-x platform, you can choose from a wide range of free games. “Open source” video games are ones whose developers make the source code for the game available online for free.

Since anyone can look at and check the game’s code, players in open-source games get more transparency into the inner works. This allows players to look at the source code for bugs and mistakes.

The game can be changed quickly, and new content and features can be added quickly. This ensures that players can use any new content added to the game as soon as it’s ready since the latest version is always available.

In the end, the Immutable-x platform for enjoying blockchain games can be used to play a vast number of open-source games. For gamers, this implies that the game is more open, safer, and can be updated to the latest version.

NFT Trading Services

There has been a dramatic increase in the popularity of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) thanks to their use in various blockchain video games. Using Immutable X, participants can trade NFTs in a safe and streamlined manner, as it is a decentralized exchange.

Any exchange that adopts Immutable X’s scalability solutions will have access to its global order book, enabling the purchase and sale of NFTs. This significantly increases the trading volume and liquidity of NFTs as orders made in one marketplace can be filled in another.

The liquidity offered by NFT trading services on Immutable X is a significant benefit of using the platform. It’s a decentralized market with plenty of users and many different NFTs to choose from.

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To the person who has an NFT, they are entirely their unique digital asset. Trading Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on Immutable X allows participants to keep complete ownership of their NFTs, unlike trading on a centralized exchange where the rules and regulations of the exchange govern custody.

There is no governing body or intermediary in the trade of Immutable X because the exchange is decentralized. Players may be confident that their NFTs are safe from tampering and corruption thanks to this feature.

Zero Gas Fees

Launches of many NFT projects have been hampered by the high cost of using Ethereum’s gas. Ethereum users have spent billions of dollars on gas fees in the past year.

Since blockchains are very resource-restricted environments, gas fees are critical. Transactions on Ethereum take thousands of times more processing power than running the same code off-chain because every node in the network must process them.

Gas fees protect against DDoS attacks like the 17-hour Solana outage last September by ensuring that transacting users pay fees proportional to their consumption.

However, end users of the Immutable-x benefit from the fact that the platform doesn’t impose any gas fees on them. While Immutable X is built on Ethereum’s blockchain, it uses a unique technology called zk-rollups to do away with gas fees, making it a truly decentralized exchange.

The user experience of blockchain game players is also enhanced since gas fees are removed. When players don’t have to worry about the expense of making transactions, they may focus more on actually playing the games and interacting with other players.

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Enterprise Grade Security

There are now two significant issues plaguing blockchain game development studios: player safety and new player acquisition. Blockchain games differ from other video games because they demand players to have cryptocurrency wallets.

Although in-game currencies and user profiles are not novel ideas in the gaming business, the intricacy of a crypto wallet sometimes leads to misunderstandings and suspicions. In addition, most current wallet solutions need to be made with gamers in mind and instead operate as a distraction.

Using a decentralized network is one of the key advantages of playing blockchain games on the immutable X platform. With its decentralized peer-to-peer architecture and distributed ledger of data storage, the network is protected from being compromised.

Users may rest assured that their funds and data are protected thanks to the platform’s usage of cutting-edge encryption techniques. The use of smart contracts is another way the platform provides enterprise-level safety.

Final Words

In conclusion, blockchain games introduce previously unavailable levels of openness, security, and ownership. Blockchain gaming on the Immutable-x platform has several advantages and introduces a new dimension to the gaming experience.

The platform is open and decentralized, so there are no middlemen and no room for centralized manipulation. Players can feel ownership over their digital assets thanks to using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in blockchain games, which can be safely bought or sold between users.

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