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5 Best Lux Players in League of Legends



Campeã muito popular no Brasil, Lux receberá skin Lux Porcelana com Edição Prestígio — Foto: Divulgação/Riot Games

Lux, the champion with perhaps the most skins in League of Legends (LoL), is a mage whose skill kit allows for less creativity. After all, the winner has a small shield, rooting, damage, and an ultimate to deal a final burst of damage. However, it is possible to see exciting plays with a skilled player.

Check The List Of The Best Lux Players

  1. Aiax
  2. Vayne Outsold
  3. TymMio
  4. Nxnten
  5. darkchri99
  6. German Shepherd
  7. VoidSlasher
  8. MaioLex
  9. obelisko666
  10. Yozu

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Lux is a versatile mage in the universe of League of Legends (LOL), MOBA by Riot Games. She has a kit with skills that provide a lot of crowd control, which, combined with significant damage and a shield, can make a lot of difference in combat.

From the landing phase, the champion can be used more aggressively or passively, depending on the opponents, either in the mid or bottom lane, acting as a Support.

In the transition to the mid-game, Lux promises to be a great option to select targets and remove them from combat before a group fight. TechTudo created a guide with tips for playing with one of the most popular champions in the Riot Games game, explaining her skills and main combinations of runes, spells, builds, and counters. Remember that the information gathered is based on patch 12.1.


Lighting (Passive)

The champion’s damaging skills, such as Q, E, and R, leave opponents with an energy mark for a few seconds. Lux’s next attack deals bonus magic damage (based on her level) to the target.

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Binding of Light (Q)

The champion launches a sphere of light and manages to damage opponents, trapping two enemy units for a few seconds.

Prismatic Barrier (W)

When you throw the wand forward, a light is shot. This flash manages to wrap around allies hit, producing a protective shield (which goes back and forth) for all of them.

Lucent Singularity (E)

Lux fires light in a circular area, slowing enemies in the circle. The champion can detonate it to deal damage to enemies inside it at that time.

Final Spark (R)

Lux swings her staff and fires a beam of light that damages all enemies in the area. In addition, the skill manages to activate Illumination and marks the opponent again with the passive.

Order of Skills

Whether as a medium or support, the order of the champion’s abilities usually stays the same. This is because even in bot lane, it maximizes damage and serves as a burst option in fights. Thus, the order of maximization is Lucent Singularity (E), Binding of Light (Q), and Prismatic Barrier (W).

Runes and Spells

It is common to find Lux with Flash and Barrier, regardless of the route. If you choose to play her mid-lane, Teleport is a viable option in addition to Exhaustion. The latter, by the way, can also be used as support. As for the rune tree, the bet is on Sorcery combined with Domination, with Comet Arcano as the primary option.

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