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5 ChatGPT extensions on Google Chrome to make the most of the Internet



ChatGPT Extensions on Google Chrome

The arrival of a new AI Application has created a lot of buzz over the Internet. ChatGPT is an AI Chatbot developed by OpenAI that specializes in dialogue. The main goal is to make the interaction more natural, and comfortable. Luckily, ChatGPT Extensions on Google Chrome will make your life easier. This AI-based Chatbot is not only capable of answering your tough queries but it is an aid that helps you even in your day-to-day tasks such as drafting emails, preparing tweets for you, and more.

Powerful ChatGPT Extensions on Google Chrome

To make the most of Chatbot Capabilities, installing some web extensions for your Chrome browser is a great option. These extensions will provide additional functionalities that can be customized as per your needs. Let’s look at some of the best ChatGPT-based Chrome Extensions:

1) TweetGPT

As the name suggests, this ChatGPT extension for Chrome will help you to manage your Social Media presence. This extension will create tweets for your Social Media Networks on your behalf by using Artificial Intelligence. This tool is capable of adapting different writing styles based on your preferences. You can simply add this extension from the Chrome Web Store.

2) YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

Transcribing or Watching YouTube Videos for long hours can be time-consuming. To solve this problem, Glasp has created an extension for Chrome that will utilize the power of ChatGPT which will generate transcripts and summaries of YouTube Videos. This extension is extremely useful for people who want to learn faster from tutorials on streaming platforms.

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Once you add this extension, you will see the “Transcript and Summary” box on the top right side of the YouTube page. To access the summary on any video, click on the Summary buttons on the Video thumbnail while watching the video.

3) Prometheus

Are you one of those who prefer to speak instead of write? Then this ChatGPT extension for Chrome is for you! This extension allows for a more hands-free experience by allowing you to use your voice instead of typing. It can transform AI into a Virtual Assistant that responds to voice Commands. However, these responses are based on texts. Moreover, it works better in the English language.

4) Merlin

Merlin Chrome Extension will enhance users’ experience on various websites that includes Search Engine, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. This tool provides various features such as generating replies, Shortening text, Summarizing content, and more. The developer claims that it can be used on all Google Searches. After installing Merlin, choose any content piece and press Ctrl+ M to access the Merlin box.

5) Share GPT

This ChatGPT extension for Chrome will allow users to share and bookmark ChatGPT prompts in a few clicks. Users will be able to locate a Share button under their prompts and share the prompts by clicking on the Share and bookmark options.

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