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5 Different Ways to Create Cool Images for Your Website or Social Media



Coming up with concepts for images that will click with your audience is a never-ending and often frustrating task, yet one that every brand and business has to handle in the digital age.

If you want to make this process easier, take onboard some of these tips on how to create pics that look great and connect with your followers effectively.

Stay on top of popular trends

You don’t have to wait for inspiration to strike you out of thin air, especially when it’s incredibly easy to see what other brands are up to in terms of their image creation and publishing strategies.

The simplest way to do this is via the trending sections of popular apps, such as Instagram. Letting the algorithm auto-generate a collection of pics and posts which are relevant to your audience is helpful, because you’ll know immediately that what you’re seeing has been able to generate engagement among users, or else it wouldn’t pop up in the grid in the first place.

Turn photos into watercolor paintings

The issue with only ever pumping out plain photographs is that this can make your social feed or your website look a little samey.

What’s great about modern image editing tools and filters is that you can easily create a unique watercolor painting based on a pre-existing picture, without needing to spend hours doing this painstakingly by hand.

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This is also a great way to repurpose images that you’ve already created, so that you can wring additional value out of them, rather than having to start with a blank slate every time.

Make savvy use of stock images

Stock picture libraries are great for quickly adding snaps and graphics to a website, and there are free platforms as well as premium ones, so you don’t need a big budget to get quality images.

The problem comes from the fact that every other site and branded social account will have a similar idea, which can lead to pages and posts seeming overly generic.

It pays to think outside the box and use stock images as the foundations for an editing project, rather than treating them as the finished article. Start with a high-res, relevant image and tweak it according to your needs, rather than publishing it unaltered.

Move towards memes

In the social sphere, memes reign supreme, and you don’t just have to find content that’s already gone viral elsewhere. If you’re clever about it, you can turn original images you’ve created into memes that can be shared far and wide.

We’ve reached the point where memes can even be generated by AI, although for your purposes it’s better to think about what images and captions will be of interest to your audience, rather than trying to go too random.

Also remember that not every brand needs memes to get ahead, and in fact in some cases it will be harmful rather than helpful.

Embrace branding as the focus

Speaking of brands, a good way to find a lynchpin for your image creation efforts is to make the brand the core of the process.

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It’s no surprise that when you check out the social accounts and websites of major corporations, brand identity takes top billing, and the logo is never far from the center of attention.

If you are not certain about any aspect of creating cool images for your website or social accounts, don’t be afraid to hire an expert to handle this for you. Even if you outsource this to a freelance graphic designer, it will be better than opting for your own amateur attempts to save a buck.

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