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5 Facts and Myths About Americans and Online Dating



Not so long ago, dating sites were viewed with suspicion or even outright disdain. To some, they represented a last resort for singles unable to connect anywhere else. But the facts speak volumes compared to preconceptions. According to statistics, almost half of the USA’s Millennials (the 18-29-year-old demographic) have used dating sites or apps. This represents a figure of 53 million eager online daters. Whether you’re a regular user, someone who has dabbled, or a complete newbie to the scene, you might be interested to find out why online dating has rocketed in popularity amongst Americans. Here are five myths you might have heard, countered by reality.

  1. Myth: dating sites are only for hookups. Fact: hookup culture is only one aspect.

One of the commonest myths perpetrated about digital dating outlets is that they are primarily used to arrange ‘no strings attached’ flings. The discreet communication channels on offer are ideal for singles to interact with kindred spirits secretly, with minimal fuss. The truth of the matter is anyone seeking tonight’s hookup can take advantage of a range of practical matchmaking features. This includes algorithms that can point you towards the most suitable candidates for a relationship. 

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But there is so much more to the virtual dating scene than furtive get-togethers. Certain features, such as geolocation, pinpoint the location of other users, allowing encounters to be arranged seamlessly. But many other individuals use these same algorithms and matching tools to search for singles who would be compatible for longer-term relationships.

  1. Myth: singles prefer local hookups. Fact: online dating has no boundaries.

Another misconception about digital dating is that the singles who sign up are mainly looking to arrange liaisons in their neighborhood. The idea behind this is to quickly interact in the online environment, then plan a rendezvous nearby.

But one of the key aspects of these dating services is they transcend national or cultural boundaries. Anyone registering with a dating outlet will gain access to a diverse treasure trove of talent. If you have always been drawn to singles from different backgrounds, whether that’s Chinese girls, Latino singles, or any other interesting and exciting demographic, you’ll be able to contact suitable candidates within a few clicks of your keyboard.

  1. Myth: relationships instigated online don’t last. Fact: they have a high success rate.

The virtual environment is also saddled with the image of being fickle. Dating sites are sometimes regarded as places where casual flings can be instigated easily and then quickly forgotten.

Again, the facts paint a very different picture. Americans are going online in increasing numbers because they realize these sites represent an ideal platform for meeting partners for meaningful commitments. As we have demonstrated, the numbers gravitating to matching sites in the USA run into tens of millions. Many of these individuals have met their life partners in this environment.

  1. Myth: dating sites attract catfish. Fact: anti-social users are a minority.

TV shows and other media outlets relish stories about site users who have fallen victim to catfish. But the reason these incidents have become newsworthy is that they are unusual.

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Of the millions who regularly log in to their dating accounts, the overwhelming majority never face any issues. One of the reasons for this is site administrators go out of their way to guarantee the security of their members. Email address verification is a standard requirement. Should any member feel that the person they are dealing with is hiding something or asking unnecessary questions about passwords for Internet banking, they can block that person. Or report to them to customer services.

  1. Myth: online dating is ruining traditional dating. Fact: these activities are not mutually exclusive. 

Finally, another enduring myth about dating sites in America is that they have harmed what could be termed ‘traditional’ or ‘offline’ dating.

However, the evidence shows people are still hanging around outlets where singles have always chosen to congregate, such as nightclubs, bars, or social clubs. There is nothing to indicate online dating has discouraged huge numbers of people from interacting in the real world. Many people who use digital dating outlets achieve a balance between flirting with avatars while persisting in keeping an eye out for likely candidates for matches in offline situations!

As we have demonstrated, Americans are growing to love online dating. Membership figures have been steadily increasing right across the board, from long-running generic websites to niche services. As well as the reasons we have outlined above, more and more people are gravitating to the Internet to socialize. Once couples have been introduced via a dating site, they might choose to download role-playing games. Or they could explore different websites and chat rooms to widen their social circles. The possibilities are endless.

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