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5 features coming to GTA 6, according to leaks and footage



features coming to gta 6

Features coming to GTA 6: The leaked motion pictures of GTA 6 gave the community some much-awaited information about the upcoming game. Although this isn’t a reliable way to introduce the sport to its fans, participants are happy that they know something about it. The movies were leaked in September 2022, but insiders and document miners have been searching for additional information about the impending game. This has helped him find extra interesting bits of data every day.

Although Rockstar Video Games has never explicitly confirmed the information inside the leaked videos, the network is convinced that they may be part of the upcoming game. This text lists 5 possible features that could come to GTA 6 after launch.

5 upcoming features revealed through GTA 6 leaked movies

1) Modern-day graphics

The main thing fans see in the GTA 6 leaked movies are the stills. It looks like Rockstar Games is going to execute photorealistic images and surroundings in the forthcoming game. Which appears to be much better than Grand Theft Vehicle 5 in extreme settings. Yet, it even maintains the “video-game vibe.”

The sky, the shadows, the darkness, and the overall worldwide lighting look real and have never been seen before in the franchise. While the leaked movies were of the pre-alpha stage, many GTA 6 fans are excited to see the final renders of the game and discover the new map in high-end Snap Shots settings.

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2) Improved ragdoll mechanics

While the ragdoll mechanics of Grand Theft Auto Five took a step back from GTA 4. The subsequent untitled Grand Theft Auto sport looks to improve upon it. Movies leaked in September 2022 show more advanced and realistic male or female action than the game today. Almost identical to Euphoria ragdoll physics.

NPCs appeared to react accurately to bullets and other forces applied to them. Fortunately, the movement of the playable characters is not as slow as in Grand TheftAuto 4. The upgraded ragdoll physics may also introduce better battle mechanics in the upcoming recreation.

3) Grand Theft Auto on Line 2

While GTA On-Line is one of the longest running and most profitable online game operations of Rockstar video games. The studio is gearing up for its next new release with Grand Heist Auto 6. One of the leaked movies showed multiplayer mode with a 32-gamer lobby. Even though the name of the game is not yet officially discovered, many lovers are claiming that it is Mile Grand Theft Auto on Line 2.

Despite the fact that no details regarding a multiplayer version of the game are currently acknowledged (except that it exists). Leaked movies have shown some of the new gameplay features that will be in the final game. But, official confirmation is awaited.

4) Return of old weapons

A one-time GTA 6 creator from India named Sayan S. (LinkedIn/SyanSaha95) learned that the upcoming game will include many of the older guns that were available in earlier video games. According to him, Grand Theft Vehicle 6 will include the fire extinguishers and chainsaws that have been an essential part of the older titles.

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The developer “accidentally” leaked the information through his LinkedIn profile, which was later removed. However, fans were thrilled to learn about the weapons in GTA 6 as it had become a much-missed topic in the network.

5) Miami-Based Map

While fans were already looking forward to the HD Universe Vice City-based map in Grand Theft Auto 6. The leaked footage also verified the exact. Rockstar Video Games is reportedly adding several houses based on iconic Miami locations to the upcoming game.

The 1800 Club, Opera Tower, Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay, Quantum at the Bay Apartments, New Arena flats and several other landmarks were seen in the leaked video. Which were later confirmed with the help of independent information miners. This makes it almost certain that the upcoming entertainer will take place in a modern vice metropolis.


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