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5 Live Streaming Mistakes and How to Avoid Them



Live Streaming Mistake

A couple of years ago, live streaming reached over 2 billion people.

The numbers have continued to grow and the option to live stream events has only grown. It is easier now than ever to operate a live stream, but live streaming mistakes are still an issue that you can avoid with a little preparation.

Common Live Streaming Mistakes

Hosting a live streaming event can be a complex technical arrangement. The size, scope, scale, and type of event you are live streaming will all dictate the amount of equipment you will need. Live stream preparation can go a long way in preventing live streaming mistakes. An early mistake can ruin an entire broadcast.

  1. Not Checking the Equipment Before Going Live

This may seem obvious, but in the hectic set up for an event, it is easy to forget. Make sure that you check and then double-check everything you will need to stream. That means cameras, computers, lighting, and audio equipment. You don’t want a silent stream or one with audio but no video.

  1. Promotion of Your Live Streaming

One big mistake people make is that they don’t promote their live streaming event. You have to get the word out and doing so can dramatically increase your success. You want people to watch what you are streaming, therefore they need to know when and what you are doing.

  1. Have Back-Up Plans

Like with any event, backups for streaming are important. If a piece of hardware goes out, you don’t want your stream ruined. You will want to have extra cameras, cords, and mics where possible. That way you aren’t reliant on only the equipment you have placed.

  1. Poor Audio Quality

Whether you are live streaming sports or a musical venue, people want to hear what is going on. Audio equipment can be expensive, but it is necessary. Improve the audio quality of your stream and equipment and you will have a lot more success in reaching and impressing viewers.

  1. The Right Host

A big live streaming mistake that you can make is not hosting your live stream in the right place. There are a lot of options out there, but not all of them will reach your target audience. Make sure that your event and the place you are hosting are easy to reach, and commonly used.

Live Streaming and You

If you do everything right, there may still be hiccups in getting your live stream going. That is normal, don’t become frustrated by one or two delays. The more you do things, the easier they become. It took time before even major corporations could find the best solution for their streaming needs.

Good Luck With Your Stream

Taking care to make the proper preparations and promotion of your even will give you the edge. Live streaming mistakes can be disastrous if you aren’t ready for them. Keep working on improving your live streaming and you will have no problem in growing your event year after year.

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