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5 Reasons to Convert Your Web App To Mobile Apps for iOS and Android



We all know that it can be extremely time consuming and tiring to build mobile apps. However, we have an easy way out for you. Now, you can build the mobile app by just converting your current site into a mobile app. Let’s first understand why you should convert your web app to mobile apps for iOS and Android. Also there are a lot of mobile app development company services available to provide you ready to use apps.

1. Your mobile app will help you elevate the user experience

Gone are the days when the internet was only about desktop browsers. Technology has not only transformed lives but it has also transformed itself. It is all about the experience of the users. Earlier, it was about computers, and then smartphones came into the picture. It is noteworthy that now most of the internet usage is all about the apps. It has been noted in studies that the users spend about four hours a day with their mobile phones. And on mobile phones, most of their time is spent using apps.

If you would look closely, you would find that people now want to just install the apps that will make their life easier. In fact, the tools and services that they use on a regular basis, People actually want apps for the work that they do on a daily basis. If the app helps them for a specific task, there are more chances of them using it.

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So, if you don’t have a mobile app, there are high chances of you being forgotten. If you convert your web page into a mobile app, there are better chances of user retention.

2. A better experience being on the go

We have already covered the fact that people now need apps to solve various aspects of their lives. The tools that people intend to use regularly are the ones that people usually need apps for. The most important reason for all of this is because it provides the information in a better sequence and a logical manner while being easy to use. In fact, even when the users are out of their homes, they will find it convenient to complete the task over an app. So, we think that it makes the process extremely simple.

Just let this thought cross your mind once about how difficult it would have been for a user to access the desktop site on a mobile. The URL needs to be put in, the log in details have to be entered, well, this is surely a hassle. On the other hand, if you compare the same with the app experience, it is far better and far more easy! All you require to do is to tap on the icon for the app on your screen , the log in details are saved in the first go and the user would not have to log in again and again. It surely makes the work a lot easier! This is the reason we see a higher rate of engagement on the apps.

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3. Better retention

We understand how retention is the primary cause of worry for most brands and this is what they aim at ultimately. It is also a factor to note here that apps actually help in better retention of clients and also increases loyalty. If the experience becomes more engaging, there are higher chances of the customer returning.

The fact that the users made the effort of installing the app in the first place actually shows that you have a loyal user base. In the highly competitive time that we live in today, it is really obvious how apps have made a place for themselves and have become extremely important in gauging customer retention. A recent study proved that the brands that people shop from usually have an app and this makes the customer go back to the app again and again.

If you have an app, it will actually have the most loyal user base that you have. You can also enhance the engagement by communicating to them directly and enhancing the level of user experience. So, why would you want to risk the user retention by just the fact that you don’t have an app.


4. Use the notifications!

You might not have realised it yet but push notifications actually help you communicate with your users and use the iOS and android

However, when you use the android and IOs apps, you can send push notifications about whatever you like and the best part is that you can do that whenever you like. You would find out that the open rate for push notifications is higher than that of email.

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5. Having your presence in the app store as well!

We know that app stores can get really busy! It is a highly competitive space for the brands but then it is also a great place to reach out to new customers. You would notice that people also use the app stores to solve their issues by an app, why would you want to miss this amazing chance of reaching out to the potential clients? In fact, as per studies there is a huge percentage of user conversion rate through the app store searches!

Final Words

Thus, these were the primary reasons that will actually want to just go all out there and convert your web page to app. We are sure that you would find a lot of mobile app development services that will help you solve your problem and would help you get your web page converted to a full fledged app! If you think that you also have any reason that you would like to add up to the list, feel free to write to us in the comments section below, we would love to know your thoughts!

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