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5 Reasons to Wait for iPhone 15 & skip to buy iPhone 14



Although it may be tempting to get a new iPhone right now, some of you may choose to wait until Apple’s iPhone 15, which is expected to launch in 2023. So this article is all about why you should wait for iPhone 15 and skip buying iPhone 14 which is already launched in 2022. 

There are many alternatives to sort through if you’re considering updating your phone. The top-of-the-line iPhone is the iPhone 14 series, but Apple also has a tonne of other gadgets that are deserving of your attention, such as the iPhone SE 3 and iPhone 13 and 12 series.

And although many of you will be perfectly content purchasing one of these iPhones or a device outside of Apple’s ecosystem, others may choose to hold off and wait for the iPhones of 2023.

The company’s forthcoming models already sound like they’ll be deserving successors to the iPhone 14 or 15 speculations have begun to circulate.

It will be worthwhile to wait for Apple’s 2023 iPhones because it is anticipated that the iPhone 15 series will have more significant changes than its forerunners. You can decide if you should wait for the iPhone 15 based on the list of factors below.

Why you should wait for iPhone 15

  1. Significant improvements to the iPhone 14 are most likely coming with the iPhone 15. Although the iPhone 14’s SoC is identical to that of the iPhone 13 but has a better GPU, it is anticipated that the iPhone 15 will ship with the A16 chipset, which is what the current iPhone 14 Pro series has been using.
  2. Variants of the iPhone 15 Pro will probably have 8GB of RAM. As a result, the memory will increase from the present 6GB RAM significantly. (Report from Taiwanese research firm TrendForce that was leaked.)
  3. The iPhone 15 Ultra (also known as the iPhone 15 Pro Max) is expected to have a basic storage capacity of at least 256 GB. But the 128 GB base storage choice will probably be the only one available for the iPhone 15 Pro. (Leaker Majin Bu made this claim.)
  4. Apple intends to do away with the lightning port. It is anticipated that the forthcoming iPhone 15 series will have USB-C connections.
  5. All four iPhone 15 versions will probably feature the Dynamic Island according to Apple. That means Dynamic Island, which is absent from the vanilla iPhone 14, will be present on the vanilla iPhone 15.
    The principal justifications for holding off till the iPhone 15 are those mentioned above.
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Reasons to skip to buy iPhone 14

1. Holding an iPhone 13 demonstrates the incredible battery life of the device.

If you’ve used the iPhone 13 for any length of time, you are aware of its impressive battery life. Considering the size of the phone, Apple crammed a sizable battery into it, enabling up to 15 hours of video streaming and up to 75 hours of audio playback.

Apple increased the screen time on the iPhone 14 a little bit, but not significantly. In actuality, the iPhone 14’s battery is essentially the same size as the 13’s. According to Apple, the iPhone 14 can play music for 80 hours and stream videos for up to 16 hours. Even while those are undoubtedly some amazing results, the new model isn’t substantially improved by them.

2. Lack of USB-C port Yet

We crossed our fingers in anticipation of the iPhone 14 becoming the first USB-C iPhone. But the most recent iPhone is still limited to using the Lightning connection, which has been around since 2012.

The EU wants all new phones to feature USB-C, as you may have heard. And in the EU, the notion was made into law in 2022. That new law won’t take effect until 2024, though. You’ll have to wait a little longer if you were hoping for a USB-C iPhone.

3. The camera on your iPhone is excellent already.

You already know your iPhone has a fantastic camera if it was purchased within the previous two years. Apple did make some adjustments to the new camera module on the iPhone 14, but keep in mind that the big improvement—the jump to a 48MP sensor—was only available on the iPhone 14 Pro.

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And like the iPhone 13, but unlike the Pro variants, the iPhone 14 has a 12MP camera sensor. The iPhone 14 boasts superior low-light performance because Apple gave it a bigger sensor that can capture more light, but how frequently do you actually take pictures in low light?

The iPhone 12 and 13 already have excellent cameras, despite the fact that the iPhone 14’s camera improved a little. Even if you are an avid photographer, upgrading to the iPhone 14 Pro would be preferable.

4. There Was No 120Hz Display on the iPhone 14

One of the iPhone 13 Pro’s most notable upgrades was Apple’s ProMotion technology. You’re still limited to a 60Hz display on the base iPhone 14 because, regrettably, that feature hasn’t made it there.

The iPhone 14 starts at $799, which is still a lot of money for most people even though Apple calls it a “affordable” iPhone. At that pricing point, nearly all Android phones today come equipped with 120Hz high refresh rate displays. Unfortunately, choosing Apple means sacrificing that since the iPhone 14 lacks the Pro models’ coveted 120Hz display.One of the main reasons to think about the iPhone 14 Pro is ProMotion, which is just one of many features that the iPhone 14 simply didn’t get.

5. You Receive the Apple A15 chip from the iPhone 13

The regular iPhone 14 is powered by the older A15 Bionic chip, which is the same chip found in the iPhone 13 series, while the iPhone 14 Pro has Apple’s newest and greatest chip, the A16 Bionic. It certainly isn’t a slouch, but it does have certain restrictions.

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Managing heat is one of the biggest problems with mobile chipsets, and the A15 Bionic definitely gets warm when under a lot of load. In order to keep itself cool, your phone may experience frame rate drops and reduced screen brightness if you’re playing a taxing game like Genshin Impact.

You’re still getting an older processor that doesn’t have quite as much power as the A16 Bionic in the iPhone 14 Pro, even though Apple uses the 5-core GPU variant of the A15 Bionic in the iPhone 14 and claims to have improved thermal design over last year.

Final words

In short we can say there was nothing new in iPhone 14 over previous version but iPhone 15 is expected to launch with lots of changes in design, features and specs, so you should wait for iPhone 15

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