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5 Tech Solutions To Grow Your Startup



Congratulations on your new business venture. Be ready to face the different challenges of running a startup business and enjoy its rewarding benefits. Become a successful startup business by investing in tech solutions for increased productivity and faster and more secure business transactions. But what are the tech solutions suitable for startup businesses?

Check out the tech solutions to help grow your startup business.

  1. Electronic Or Online Signature

Online signature replaces handwritten signatures, utilizing smartphones, tablets, and special pens. Adopting e-signature can help grow your startup business because of the following benefits:

  • Reduce Response Times: Paperwork and documentation can be a big hassle for many startup businesses. You need to obtain signatures to get approvals from clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders from time to time. Utilizing online signatures can significantly reduce the time it takes to sign and approve paperwork because people can sign them digitally anytime and anywhere.
  • Secure And Legal: Unlike handwritten signatures, online signatures are more secure because you can safely store digital files in the cloud, avoiding missing or damaged documents. Electronic signatures also have a legal basis, alongside timestamps and solid documentation of voluntary signing using online signature platforms.
  • Close Deals Quickly: Because of the fast customer response times of using e-signature, you can save plenty of time waiting for stakeholders to sign mail-in paper documents. Hence, you can close deals quickly.
  1. Online Or Internet Fax

Faxing remains one of the best business communication methods nowadays, alongside email and phone interaction. Startup businesses must fax documents to suppliers, potential investors, clients, and more. By sending a fax by email you can save paper and it’s much easier than trying to learn how to use an actual fax machine!

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With the advancement of digital technology, traditional faxing has evolved into the internet or online faxing. This technology translates the message and sends it to the receiver, in which the recipient’s fax machine will decode the data and print the fax.

Match your online signature with online fax. These two usually come together. With email-based internet faxing, you can quickly provide the necessary paperwork to investors, vendors, and customers without having to be in front of a physical fax machine.

Here are some good-to-know things about the internet or online faxing:

  • Signup For An Internet Faxing Service: You need to sign up for the internet faxing service to send and receive fax messages via your email inbox. Once you have signed up for an internet fax service, your provider will ask you to choose a number or use your already existing fax number.
  • No Negative Impacts On Recipients: Don’t worry because your recipients can use whatever fax platform or method they prefer. They don’t necessarily need to adopt the same technology for online faxing to work.
  • Safe And Secure: Online faxing reduces the risk of exposing sensitive data to other people near a fax machine. Because internet faxing uses an encrypted connection, only authorized users (the sender and receiver) can see the sensitive data in transit. Most cloud-based faxing providers include highly secure features on the tech solutions they provide to protect users.
  1. Cybersecurity System And Services

Cybercriminals target small businesses, especially startups, because they have the least secure business systems, restricting and compromising business growth. Don’t be a victim of a cyberattack. Protect your business by investing in cybersecurity solutions like firewalls and malware scanners.

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Managed IT service companies offer cybersecurity products and services to startup businesses. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to protect your business from cybersecurity attacks. Working with an experienced managed IT company can monitor your business security round the clock using cutting-edge technologies.

A reputable managed IT specialist can also train your employees to secure their passwords and other online credentials to reduce the risks of security breaches. They detect and resolve tech issues promptly. In this way, you can focus on growing your business rather than resolving tech issues.

  1. Management Software

Startup businesses should handle client orders and demands seamlessly to grow sales. Use management software to automate manual data entry and gathering for reporting and creating sales and marketing strategies.

The following are the examples of management software programs applicable for a startup business:

  • Project Management Software: If you have a startup digital marketing agency, construction firm, or any business handling projects, using a project management software program can help you track client orders, assign tasks to your employees, and monitor the status of each project (such as new, pending, or completed). Choosing project management software with time tracking and communication tools is highly recommended.
  • Inventory Management Software: This software can help factories, retailers, and other startup businesses keep track of their stocks or inventories. You ensure that all items have documentation to guide you in logistics and supply chain management as you grow your business.
  • Accounting And Bookkeeping Software: Startup businesses need to have accurate accounting records. Accounting and bookkeeping software programs are now available to help business owners automatically process invoices, receivables, and payments. When choosing the right cloud-based accounting software for your startup, you have many options to help track your expenses and other accounting needs.
  1. Marketing Technology Tools
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Marketing technology or ‘martech’ solutions quickly help startup businesses achieve sales and marketing goals. When marketing your startup brand, it’s essential to grow your online presence to grow your business. Data analytics software and other online tools can help you meet these goals.

Using data analytics, track your metrics, such as site traffic, click-through rate, and time spent on page per user. Identify buyer personas and segment audiences depending on their shopping behaviors. By doing so, you can launch your digital marketing campaigns with less stress and hassle.

Many data analytics and online marketing tools are free. If you want to benefit from the features of these tools, you can invest in the paid version, allowing you to multi-task and finish more tasks in shorter periods than traditional office tools and equipment.


Now that you’re set foot in the business world, it’s time to drive your startup to the next level. The advancement of technology opens many doors of opportunities for startups. With the tough competition, investing in tech solutions is a must nowadays.

A robust security system protects your startup business against data leakage, phishing, malware, and dark web activity. Using online signature and internet faxing hastens your business operations, increasing productivity and sales.


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