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5 things to keep in mind when betting on matches in CSGO



Earnings from betting cannot be called stable and prosperous. Nevertheless, it exists. This article will not tell you what odds to bet on or anything like that, but we will give you tips on approaching betting correctly and what to eat it with. Read our match betting FAQ. You will find a lot of helpful information in it.

Tip One — Prepare Yourself

Before you start mindlessly csgo match betting — study the whole subject matter of betting. You have to know all the terms and explanations of everything before you make your first bet, as it is imperative to have precisely a severe approach to it. Every bookmaker explains what’s what and how to use it on their website or app.

It is also beneficial to decide to set a betting budget. In this case, you will be mentally prepared because you can lose a certain amount. And what’s more, you won’t lose more because you won’t go over budget. Such a decision will also help in the future when calculating your income from bets.

And it’s important to understand that you can lose money at any time if you approach this the wrong way. However, the culprits will most likely be you in this case because all the responsibility for the money you bet lies only on you and no one else.

Tip number two — analyze

Let’s assume that you have calculated the budget and learned all the basics, and are ready to proceed. Before you make a bet — analyze the team’s matches and their state yourself. Go to HLTV, open the “Matches” tab, and look at the stats, card peaks, and everything possible.

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Look at what cards your opponent plays, compare the odds and think about who picks which cards and which ones get banned. We advise you to read the rules of card spades and who draws the card first, this will add some understanding, and you’ll have a broader experience in this area.

We recommend that you watch and compare as many stats as you can, not only the team you are rooting for or have “sweet” odds on but also its opponent. Of course, it can always happen that the underdog outperforms the favorite, but even in this case, you will have peace of mind if you calculate your csgo match betting budget correctly.

Tip three — read and listen to experts.

In continuation to the previous tip, we recommend that you read the opinion of experts. Just do not think that the channels with free forecasts are experts.

Go to famous experts on Twitter and read what they say about a particular matchup. Some unique analysts there bring up fascinating and valuable information for analysis. We advise you to visit it in the first place. This way, you can analyze all the information in detail before the grand final and get food for thought about who will be the winner and who it is better to bet on. So, why not use it?

By the way, before the matches of the BLAST Tournament series, we recommend you to visit the coverage studios page because they often publish forecasts from studio commentators/analysts. So take predictions from people who know CS:GO better than the average fan and go for it.

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Tip four — Practice

This tip is aimed at practical training before making serious money. Afraid of cs betting on real money matches without any experience? Then try a prediction tournament. It’s a great way to try betting without any risk.

Besides, you can get a valuable prize for first place in a tournament. So it seems like an excellent way to practice and compete for precious skin. And the principle is straightforward — you have an initial budget in a conditional currency, and you have the opportunity to bet on the winning teams through a particular bot.

Tip number five — controlled excitement

This tip is for those who want to make money on bets and those who are just gambling enough themselves. The gist of this tip is simple — control your excitement with small amounts. This will allow you to bet on your favorite teams and, at the same time, not lose almost anything.

Give up a cup of coffee or a pack of cigarettes on your way to work or university, and throw this amount on your favorite team or whoever you think is the winner. And there’s nothing wrong if you don’t drink that coffee in a day, but you can quench your thirst for excitement. What’s more, this tip about betting small amounts of money will also allow you to practice your betting skills using real-life examples.

In conclusion, we would like to remind you of the basic idea of this article, which is that we are only giving tips on how to start cs betting on a match so that you can earn on it. Therefore, this can be considered an introductory guide to the world of betting. And remember: all responsibility for the money you bet lies solely on you and no one else.

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