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5 things you should keep in mind while playing PUBG Mobile



Are you a fan of PUBG mobile? Do you want to master this game as soon as possible? PUBG is a brutal game of survival that has attracted millions of gamers since its launch.

In this battle royale game, you will find yourself battling with superior players. In such cases, survival becomes tougher. But thanks to the server of PUBG, it automatically places similarly ranked players in a battle to keep it fair. But sometimes, a high-ranked player gets mixed up, which causes problems for the beginners.

To save yourself in such situations, here some useful tips are listed. If you follow these tips, you will be able to make better gaming strategies and win all battles. So keep on reading.

Top 5 things to remember

Landing location

You need to strategize even before landing. Where you land in this game is very important. Do not choose to jump near an amusement park or other crowded areas. These are some of the most popular landing spots.

If you jump near these locations, you will be attacked instantly and may die in the process. So, if you want to stay safe, always land near the end of your trail. By the time you jump, most players should be fighting already. You can also see some players who haven’t jumped yet. They might have closed the game or lost their connection. You can get a few lucky kills from them.

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Safe zone

As you land in the game, do not rush towards the safe zone instantly. Three safe zones shrink slowly and cause minimum damages. In the beginning, you can roam freely without worrying about the safe zone circle. So, you can stay in the blue zone. But always heal yourself while you are in the blue zone so that your health does not go too low.

Thus, the players inside the safe zone will battle with each other, cutting down your competition. Once the competition is low, you can enter the same zone and battle with the rest. PUBG lovers consider this as one of the best PUBG tricks. For similar tricks, you can visit

Gun recoil

If you want to master this game, you must use the training mode. It will give you ideas about different guns and their features. Here, you can practice shooting and perfect your aiming skills. One should practice the recoil of several guns. Each gun has a different type of recoil, which makes different spray patterns.

If you do not learn to control this spray pattern, you can never aim perfectly in battles. So, shoot towards a wall for practice. After 10 or 15 rounds, check the spraying pattern. When you shoot next time, try to shoot at one point. It will help you to shoot stably in battles and reduce bullet wastage.

Team playing

PUBG mobile is not a game for a lone wolf. Yes, you can try playing solo, but you will stand no chance against any strong team. So, staying with your team is very important here. Your team will help you to achieve your goals and win battles. With the team, you can kill your enemies easily. Teammates also have the power to bring you back if you get shot at some point.

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Moreover, you can divide the work between your team members and make successful strategies. For example, if you are driving a vehicle, your teammates can shoot others. So, always communicate with your team effectively and give proper commands. Sharing your plans, locations, and moves is also important to form a strong team.


Cars or any vehicle is the best survival tool you can use. Even if you do not know any useful PUBG survival tricks, cars can make your survival easier. That is why most of the experienced players use cars for traveling. On the one hand, you get to reach your location really fast, and on the other hand, you can kill your enemies by simply driving over them.

Apart from these two, vehicles also have other benefits. We all know, shooting a moving object is very difficult. When you are in a car, due to the speed, no one can shoot you easily, so you can avoid getting attacked and survive longer.


These are the top 5 tips that will help you survive longer in this brutal world of PUBG. If you keep all these in mind while playing, you will have victories and enjoy more chicken dinners. So keep practicing and use all these tips and tricks to see effective results.


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