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5 Top web development trends in 2021



5 Top web development trends in 2021

You know what they say: “What goes around comes around.” Well, the same is true for the world of web development.

Web design tools and trends are constantly changing to keep up with ever-evolving technology, tastes, and requirements. Similarly to fashion, web design trends need to change in order to stay relevant or risk becoming obsolete.

Keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top web development trends that are expected for 2021.

Top web development trends expected for 2021

  1. Design is going to be simpler and sleeker

The trend that’s going to be around for a while is a flat design. Go with a minimalistic simplistic approach in terms of both color and shapes. If done right, it can provide a great user experience when combined with the right functionality.

When done properly, flat design effectively eliminates clutter from web pages which, in turn, improves readability and focus on the task at hand. It’s also a great solution for responsive design because it helps create a truly user-friendly interface across multiple devices, from desktop screens to mobile phones.

2. Your website will be everywhere

Web development will focus on apps and mobile experiences. And the main reason is Google’s Mobile-First Indexing Policy. Web and mobile app development company, developing a single website that can be used on both desktop and mobile devices has been a common practice for years.

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However, the Mobile-First Indexing Policy mandates that search engines will base their rankings on a mobile experience. The reason is simple: mobile traffic has now surpassed desktop traffic. At the same time, Google engineers have revealed that mobiles have now overtaken PCs as the primary way to access the internet across all demographics and geographies globally (source).

This means your website will need to be optimized and designed for mobile. And to do this right, you’ll need an experienced web development company who knows what they’re doing. 3. Designers will have more control over layouts and functions

Web design trends will also see a transition from the two-dimensional to a more three-dimensional approach, with common elements such as custom headers, sidebars, and even banners becoming interactive. With this design trend, designers now have the power to create dynamic content. This means they now have the ability to create splash screens and adaptive layouts, both of which will work on mobile and desktop devices.

In addition, this new 3D approach will allow for more interactive features that can be used across all devices.

3. The web will be much more interactive

As you can see, the future of web design is no longer just about text and images. It’s also about creating interactions and interactive features that empower users with a modern-day media experience. Web designers will proactively create different interfaces and interactions that will allow visitors to interact with content in a meaningful way.

For example, it’s not uncommon to see an animated chart or image which allows viewers to interact using various gestures such as swiping left or right, tapping on buttons, or even swiping up and down to reveal more content. Still, interactivity is not just limited to animated charts. Alternative methods allow users to share content and ideas, such as interactive video and image galleries or even interactive features that allow visitors to text or chat with one another.

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4. Designs will be more visual

As we can see from the trends above, web designers will create a more visual approach to layout and design. This means you can expect more advanced layout tools and different layouts such as responsive grids and columns. Interactive elements such as videos and images will also be added, meaning they can now interact with one another in unexpected ways, which would require an experienced web development team who knows how to make those elements work together seamlessly.

In addition, this trend also means that users will benefit from a more visual user interface with rich graphics, imagery, and video. In fact, these elements will add real value to the user experience. But before you add them to your website or content marketing plan, be sure that they help bring your message across in the most effective way possible.

5. Mobile-friendly design will be a must

Making a website mobile-friendly has been a mainstream design trend for a long time now. And in 2021 it’ll be even more important than ever before. The reason is simple: Google wants all websites to be mobile-friendly by 2017 .

In fact, having a website that can be accessed on all mobile devices has been an important part of the search engine’s ranking algorithm for a very long time. In other words, there’s a good chance your website will be penalized if it isn’t optimized to suit mobile devices. Google engineers have confirmed this by showing that more than half of all mobile searches are from tablet or smartphone devices rather than desktop or laptop ones (source)

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The purpose is simple: there are now more mobile users than desktop ones. And Google wants to provide them with a better user experience on their own terms. If you’ve got a website that isn’t responsive, it will be difficult to achieve a mobile-friendly design.

In fact, you’ll need to make the most of different screen sizes and resolutions. In turn, this will mean that your website will be able to work across a wider range of devices and resolutions, which is good news for both visitors and Google.

Conclusion: What To Look For When Choosing A Web Development Company For 2021

In conclusion, web design trends for the next five years will focus on interactivity and better user experience.

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