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5 Types of Content to Syndicate (and Why They Work So Well)



Content syndication is when you republish web-based content on a third-party website. All pieces of content can be syndicated, but some content will perform better than others. It’s vital to create content that’s fit for syndication, as it increases the chance you’ll appear on influential sites.

Why Should You Syndicate Your Content?

Content syndication is mutually beneficial to the content’s creator and the person/business that hosts syndicated content. Content creators get to use their content multiple times without an SEO penalty, and hosts get to offer fresh, relevant information to their readers, usually for free.

Since content syndication is a low-cost marketing channel, content creators can quickly get their blog posts, videos, or case studies in front of a new audience without breaking the bank. If a piece of content appears on a high-quality site, it benefits from backlinks and increased traffic.

The Best Content Types That Deserve Syndication

To maximize content exposure, you need to properly analyze potential influencers and supply them with the right content. Here are 5 content types that will surely benefit from syndication.

1. On-Demand Webinars

On-demand webinars don’t convert as well as live webinars, but that doesn’t mean they won’t convert off-site. Third-party sites are a great place to host prior webinar content. By placing calls-to-action and lead forms near this content, you can convert an even bigger audience.

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Content syndication can help you leverage your content’s impact by making it more accessible and searchable. If the webinar is long, you may want to snip it down and link to the full version on your page. This gives site visitors a reason to check out your site and other content.

2. Blog Posts

Blog posts, especially how-to articles and long-form content, are perfect for syndication. Not only do they produce a high ROI, but they can be easily optimized for SEO. You can add keywords and links that help users find you, your content, and your websites or platforms.

Since blog posts don’t require hours of research or significant editing, they can be tweaked to fit topics in your niche. This makes it easy to attract a similar, but not the same, off-site audience.

3. Infographics

Infographics offer a visual representation of data or industry knowledge. They’re perfect at presenting complex information quickly because visuals help our brain see patterns and trends. To top it off, infographics are eye-catching, entertaining, engaging, colorful, and concise.

Since the internet is fond of infographics, websites will often link to them. If your infographic cites its information/statistics, syndicate content hosts will see this content as especially valuable. Plus, cited infographics can help you build your reputation as a subject expert.

4. Videos

Videos provide the highest ROI and are easily digestible if they’re under 10 minutes and include a well-written script. The most successful syndicated videos either offer users a sample of your content (similar to on-demand webinars) or simplify a complicated process in a few steps.

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While Youtube is the most popular site for video content, TikTok is on the up and up. To connect with younger audiences, include TikTok in your content and/or syndication strategy immediately.

5. Case Studies

Case studies offer users an in-depth look on what a particular group, individual, or event. Since customers are more likely to believe studies over business-based recommendations, they typically read them before opting into a product. That makes case studies valuable to bloggers.

Most bloggers will use case studies to prove a point or build backlinks. Your case study can be an integral part of their SEO strategy. If you create multiple case studies, you can set yourself up as a go-to source for knowledge and position yourself as a thought/industry leader.


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