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Will new network bring new apps ranging from Smart ambulance to mixed reality tryouts for shoppers?



Superfast speeds, and low latency connectivity, enable billions of connected devices to share data in real-time. It promises to unleash more-immersive entertainment, 3D hologram calling, metaverse experiences, and redefine educational applications. This will change the manner in which people play or watch sports. 5G rollout in a few cities will take place shortly. Whereas the wider coverage will take at least 12-18 months.

5G is going to be 1o times faster than 4G

The new technology will definitely bring new applications. 5G with hi-tech gadgets can change the way education is delivered, even in remote areas, say, by hosting educators or guest lecturers via powered holograms or beaming mixed-reality content into classrooms.

Earlier this year, Airtel teamed up with Apollo Hospitals, and Cisco to demonstrate a 5G connected ambulance, that acts as an extension of the emergency room transmitting in real-time, the patient’s telemetry data, including vitals, to doctors and experts at the hospital.

It will be going to easy to Connect Ambulance

The idea is to utilize the ‘golden hour’ or the critical first ’60 minutes’ following any injury or trauma, where prompt medical attention can save lives. The 5G connected ambulance has medical equipment, and patient monitoring applications. The ambulance will include telemetry devices that transmit the patient health data to the hospital. It will equip with onboard cameras, camera-based headgear, and body cams for paramedic staff, connected to the ultra-high speed and low latency 5G network.

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These lifesaving applications are further enabled with technologies like AR/VR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality). The demonstration takes place in Bengaluru. This trial spectrum was allotted to Airtel by the Department of Telecom.

5G will enhance the Cloud Gaming Experience

Reliance Jio has tested a Virtual Reality or VR-enabled multi-player cloud gaming experience on its indigenous 5G network. This trial marks a significant upgrade from console-based cloud games. The multiple gamers will connect to Jio’s low latency network using their VR headsets and gaming accessories.

Other changes include autonomous cars (sharing data to prevent road collisions), 5G facial recognition payment, 3D hologram calling, AR maps, real-time translations, drone delivery, virtual shopping, and more
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