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6 Ways to Bring Some Fun & Excitement to a Drab Apartment



Nothing beats coming home to a beautiful apartment at the end of a long and stressful day. Afterall, we all crave the comforts of a cozy, inviting and warm space that we can call home. If your current apartment isn’t exactly your dream home, you may be thinking of ways to bring some fun and excitement into an otherwise drab looking space such as these apartments for rent in Boston, MA. In today’s article, we have a look at 6 simple (and renter friendly) ways you can spruce up your apartment in order to create the dream home you’ve always wanted. Read on to find out more!

Think About What Makes You Tick

When it comes to the ideal apartment decor, well, it doesn’t actually exist. Everyone has their own idea of what their dream apartment should look like, which is why we encourage all homeowners or renters to sit down and take the time to think about the type of style, design and decor that feels most authentic to you. Are you a massive video game geek? Who is to say that you can’t decorate your home with Arcade1UP Street Fighter wall art? Perhaps you’re someone who prefers minimalism and would rather keep clutter and items to a minimum. This is why thinking about what makes you tick before embarking on your apartment makeover is step 1 — everything else will fall into place!

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Splash On A New Coat Of Paint

Re-painting your walls is by far one of the easiest ways to bring new life into even the gloomiest of spaces. If you’re renting an apartment that is peppered with scuff marks, stains or even chipped walls after years of wear and tear, then heading to your local hardware store to match your existing paint is one of the best things you can do for your space. Most major hardware stores offer colour matching services, allowing you to pick the exact shade of paint you need to revamp your rental. If you’re lucky enough to own your own apartment, then you may want to consider totally transforming the look of your space with a brand new colour of paint. Some popular options include bold and bright feature walls that add a pop of colour to even the dreariest of spaces.

Update Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

When it comes to updating the kitchen space, we always seek inspiration from one of the many kitchen and bathroom display rooms that we have frequented over the years. If you’re renting, then you’ll know that your options are sometimes limited when it comes to upgrading your kitchen space, which is why we recommend switching your own kitchen cabinet hardware for something newer and more modern looking. There are numerous finishes you can choose from, ranging from bronze and rose gold all the way to the ever-so-trendy matte black that everyone is loving at the moment. We promise that although this seems like a small and insignificant change, it can truly transform your space and inject some much needed excitement into it without having to break the bank.

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Change Out Lighting Fixtures

Lighting can truly make or break a space. When it comes to rental properties, chances are the lighting options you’ve been provided with aren’t exactly the most flattering or the most effective. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to learn how to change your lighting fixtures. All you need are some basic tools, a voltage tester and a brand new lighting fixture that you can get at your local hardware supply store, and hey presto — your room is instantly transformed!

Add A Touch Of Greenery

You probably already assumed that plants would somehow make their way to this list, and you are so right. Indoor plants are an amazing way to instantly spruce up your space with minimal to no effort on your part. Greenery not only adds a breath of fresh air to your apartment ambience, but can also improve air quality, lower stress levels and help manage anxiety which we could all benefit from now and again. Some popular low maintenance indoor plant options include Peace Lilies, Monsteras, Bird’s Nest Ferns and the ever popular Spider Plant — all varieties that do incredibly well indoors or in low-light conditions.

Cover Up Your Floors

Last but not least, nothing is worse than an ugly and worn out looking floor, which is why finding solutions to cover up unsightly flooring is always a good idea. You can do this quite easily by investing in some large rugs to cover up the main areas of your apartment, or you could even try installing roll-out vinyl flooring that comes with removable adhesive to really spice things up. Do note that vinyl tiles only work on existing hard floors, so if your apartment is fully carpeted, large rugs and runners will be your best option.

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And there you have it — 6 inexpensive ways to completely transform a lacklustre apartment. Whether you own your apartment or are simply renting, utilising some of these tips and tricks will help you create the dream ambience that you’ll love coming home to each day, everyday.


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