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8 Best Cell Phone Accessories To Improve Your Day



8 Best Cell Phone Accessories To Improve Your Day

Currently, the use of smart phones brings the option of a variety of cell phone accessories that make their use even more practical in everyday life. Among them, we have headphones, external batteries, wireless charger, cases, films and tripods or ring lights, which help you to have a better experience with your device.

There are several brands that invest in quality products and bring a large catalog of options in each segment. To help you, we’ve put together a list of options for various wholesale phone accessories so you can choose the best ones for your device. Check it out below!

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots

One more bluetooth headset that is among the darlings of users is the Xiaomi Redmi AirDots. Like the AirPods, they have a built-in microphone to make phone calls and have access to a voice assistant on the cell phone. Its side button serves exactly to activate assistants, answer calls or play music.

Xiaomi AirDots is not recommended for physical exercise, as it does not have protection against water and sweat. Its battery lasts up to four hours per charge and the case provides an extra three charges. This is a very cost-effective headset for users, considering the quality of the product and the affordable price.

Xiaomi 10000mAh 2S Power Bank External Battery

The Xiaomi Power Bank external battery is a great option to accompany your day to day life as it offers fast charging support and is made of durable and lightweight material for easy transport wherever you need it.

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This Xiaomi battery has 90% efficiency out of a total of 10,000mAh capacity, ensuring great efficiency. It also has dual USB output and gives the possibility to charge two cell phones at the same time, and is charged in an average of 3 to 5 hours. It is easily available in bulk prices on dhgate.

Samsung Premium

The Samsung Premium Wireless Charger is one more in our list of cell phone accessories, which can make your day to day more practical. This model features a distinctive design with a leather texture finish, which blends into any environment and still keeps the phone safe, without the risk of slipping while charging.

In addition, this wireless charger notifies, through an LED notification, when the charger is active, quickly recognizing the device when left on the base, through Qi technology.

Anti-Shock Case for iPhone

This is a type of anti-impact case, which is suitable for the iPhone, and is a great protection as it has reinforced edges to protect the phone against drops and impacts. In addition to it is made with silicone + TPU, which guarantees even greater protection to the device, it also serves to protect the device’s screen, reducing the chances of cracking or cracking the screen if it falls on the floor. This case model exists in versions for the most diverse iPhone models.

Anti-impact Cover for Xiaomi

Xiaomi ‘s anti-impact case has a differentiated finish, in high relief, to ensure greater protection, especially in the part that protects the cell phone camera. It is made of very resistant silicone, protecting the cell phone from falls, cracks or scratches, in addition to having a support on the back that allows the cell phone to be supported if you want to watch a video, movie or series on your device.

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Gel Film

Another option to keep your cell phone protected is gel films. These are more flexible, working well on phones with curved screens or rounded edges. The disadvantage of this model is that if the film comes into contact with sharp objects, it can be marked, but it will prevent it from scratching your cell phone screen.

Ring Light Illuminator + Mini Flexible Tripod

The ring light + mini tripod set is an excellent option for those who use their cell phone to record videos or take pictures and need more quality lighting and device positioning. The ring light has adjustment of up to 10 levels of light intensity and 3 color tones. You must always keep it connected to a power source, via its USB cable.

The mini tripod, on the other hand, supports equipment weighing up to 1kg, including cell phones, in a safe and malleable way. It has feet that give you a lot of versatility, as you can move and place it in the position you prefer, and it also comes with a cell phone holder.

Run Smartlav+ Microphone

Another excellent quality mobile microphone is the Rode Smartlav+. It is ideal for those looking for lapel models. It is a good option for those who are going to make their own recordings and want a more discreet accessory for this. A positive point is that this microphone connects to both Android and iOS devices.

The company highlights the protection that works as a filter for sound “explosions”. For example, the sound of B, T and P. Also, this lavalier microphone for mobile is compatible with any audio app. So you can record with full control of the sound. Best offers from Rode Smartlav+.

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