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Generative AI

2024 is fast approaching, and AI is already pushing the boundaries of what machines were capable of in the past. Today, generative AI can easily create new content, whether it’s a short story in T. S. Eliot’s style or a Picasso-like painting. As these cutting-edge generative AI trends are transforming various industries, you need to become more familiar with them to stay ahead of the curve.

It’s important to understand what generative AI is and what it means for your business. Find unique ways to use AI to expand your business and get a competitive advantage over industry rivals. In this article, we will explore some generative AI trends you have to watch out for in 2024.

1. AI-Generated Job Descriptions

A lot of hiring managers have trouble finding the perfect candidate, mostly because of poorly written job descriptions. Well-written LinkedIn job postings are important to attract top talent. Generative AI can help them in this case, however. Hiring managers can write quality job descriptions and generate ideal interview questions to sort through the list of applicants effectively.

No wonder 75% of hiring managers are looking forward to automating the mundane features of the hiring process so they can focus entirely on more creative and strategic work. And that’s exactly what generative AI is supposed to do, i.e., use its training data to produce quality content.

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If you wish to better understand what generative AI is and how automation tools help your business grow, then check out this link to learn more:

2. Ai-Generated Long-Form Articles

With the rise of tools like ChatGPT, small business owners will be the first to trust ChatGPT to create persuasive copy and even long-form content for their websites. Many freelancers have lost their gigs to generative AI platforms as these free tools can churn out quality articles much faster than $20 per hour freelancers available on Upwork and other sites.

Even Google upgraded its policies in September to value the people who are writing from experience and not just regurgitating already-existing content from Google.

As this trend continues, business owners will only have to hire SEO experts who can tweak the blogs written completely by generative AI for optimal positions on SERPs.

3. Generative AI In Healthcare

Even the health sector is using generative AI solutions for medical research and improving patient outcomes. Scientists are designing novel drug candidates with the help of artificial intelligence, reducing the discovery phase to a few days instead of years. Generative adversarial networks, or GANs, can come up with synthetic brain MRI pictures and remove noise from these images.

Moreover, generative AI can help train nurses and doctors by creating virtual patients. Personalized treatment plans for patients will become much more effective with AI. Surgeons will even use virtual models of a patient’s body to make surgical procedures a lot more successful in the future.

4. AI-Generated Marketing Content

Since generative AI produces quality by using training data, it can produce more personalized emails and marketing material to boost sales and accelerate the conversion process beyond expectations.

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Some forms of AI-enabled automation already in mainstream media include chatbots. However, now AI can generate product descriptions autonomously, perform storytelling for advertisements, and get you the best marketing material in the form of emails, social media, or blog posts. Most importantly, it can help save smart marketers 5 hours of work in a single week, boosting their productivity levels.

5. AI-Generated Audio and Speech

AI image-creation tools can create all sorts of realistic pictures or anime portraits with a simple text-based prompt. AI can resemble famous movie actors or produce a replica of their voices for a fraction of the consumer’s money. 

Actors like Tom Hanks have shown their anger at ads featuring his AI-generated likeness.

That’s why the role of AI in arts and entertainment shouldn’t be neglected. Many Hollywood actors have gone into an existential crisis, learning that AI may eliminate acting gigs for background actors in the future despite promises from the producers that such a catastrophe will never happen.

6. AI-Augmented Apps and Services

The age of chatbots will soon transform into the era of generative AI. A survey shows that, by 2024, 40% of all enterprise applications will have conversational AI as a necessary embedded feature.

The overnight success of ChatGPT exactly a year ago made Apple and Microsoft practically fall over themselves to ride the coattails of generative AI’s massive popularity. Generative AI as a virtual pal is a genius idea adopted by some social media platforms. For instance, Snapchat has released the MyAI chatbot to its users for free. That bots can greatly improve engagement and customer experience.

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7. AI-Enabled No-Code Programming

The trend of LC/NC (low-code/no-code) is already making waves in the field of software engineering. These tech tools enable amateur programmers (or even non-coders) to write software with minimal effort. However, generative AI can help them write impeccable code at the snap of a finger.

Generative AI can generate initial drafts, correct or refactor your code, perform root-cause analysis, and accelerate the coding process. So, coding won’t remain such a difficult job in the future.

That’s why recent studies have shown that 92% of American programmers are already using AI tools to help with their workflow so they can code efficiently and make fewer mistakes. 

8. AI in Educational Institutes 

The rise of ChatGPT proved a little problematic for our country’s educators when they started using AI to submit their assignments. However, generative AI can still help teachers become more productive. AI can help them design course materials, organize study schedules, and personalize education for their students. Educators can also use it to develop study guides, quizzes, and lesson summaries.


This article discusses what generative AI means, exploring the fascinating possibilities emerging from this revolutionary technology. Generative AI can create new content in the form of blog posts, video content, marketing material, and even effortlessly coded software programs to optimize business performance.

The landscape of generative AI is changing with time, and these latest trends will continue to slowly alter the future of the business industry. 

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