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AdMedia Founder Danny Bibi Pinpoints How Contextual Advertising is Reaching the Right Audience in 2022



Contextual advertising is becoming the most popular method of Internet advertising in 2022. Contextual advertising has several major advantages over behavioral targeting, and it is well-suited to play a significant role in the future of online advertising.

Danny Bibi, the President and Founder of the Los Angeles, California-based company, AdMedia, shares the many ways in which contextual advertising is pinpointing the audiences for online ads.

The Role of Big Data and AI in Contextual Advertising

Contextual targeting is a common form of advertising that has been in existence for decades. A wealth of data surrounding websites and customers is available, and contextual methods, as practiced by companies like AdMedia, provide precise and personalized ads.

Personalization makes users more likely to click through on an ad, but only up to a point. If big data is used incorrectly, customers may think that ads are too pushy. Contextual rather than behavioral targeting allows ads to be precisely provided without striking the consumer as an invasion of their privacy.

AI systems analyze the websites and their components, including text, video, images, and image captions. AI systems provide ads based on the internal content of these website features. The ability to draw context out of various types of Internet content is impressive.

Brand-Safe Content

Advertisers are always looking for the right location to place their content. Danny Bibi notes that ad companies like AdMedia can help advertisers decide where their content will be best served. The concept of “brand-safe content” has been developed over the past several years. For example, it is necessary to make sure websites that appeal to the same type of consumer should share advertising space.

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The Power of Attention

Third-party cookies made it easy to track consumers, but they did not necessarily translate to consumers paying more attention to ad content. Contextual advertising provides an excellent way for ads to be given to interested customers, increasing the chances of click-through and leveraging the amount of attention that the customer pays to the content.

Attention signals are key when it comes to determining which parts of an ad are the most effective. Attention signals are key when it comes to determining which parts of an ad are the most effective. Attention signals are key when it comes to determining which parts of an ad are the most effective. AI targeting can help draw out interesting parts of the content, meaning that the advertisement will be tied in more intimately with the content. Attention signals are key when it comes to determining which parts of an ad are the most effective. Contextual advertising firms like AdMedia are becoming experts at pinpointing this information.

Making Personal Connections

When contextual targeting is used, advertisers like AdMedia can create a variety of valuable techniques for reaching their customers. A multi-channel approach means that brands can create more relevant content and retain customers’ interest.

Tailoring Advertisements to a Certain Mindset

While the basics of contextual targeting is easy, more advanced techniques are becoming widespread. Advanced AI systems, including image recognition and natural language processing, can create a sense of mood and mindset. Creative marketers can use this information to target the proper phase of the customer journey without using third-party cookies to do so.

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The Increasing Importance of Video

Videos provide rich data sources for advertisers. Videos combine spoken words, sounds, and images to create their full effect. Each one of these aspects can be contextually targeted. As companies become more capable of fully leveraging video content, they will easily attract customers.

The Growth of Contextual Advertising

As behavioral targeting, based on the third-party cookie, becomes more restricted, the growth of contextual advertising is increasing. More companies are looking into how it can help them serve well-targeted ads at the time and place best-suited to attract and retain customers.

Contextual advertising, like that offered by Danny Bibi and AdMedia, is becoming more highly developed each year, focusing on context and displaying relevant advertising to the consumer without invading their privacy.

Los Angeles, California company AdMedia stands ready to help your company choose the right contextual advertising tactics to build your audience and get them the content and products they want. With contextual advertising, your company will be able to meet today’s new challenges while abiding by new privacy laws.


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