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8 Best Alternatives to Try in 2024


on Alternatives, a game that became a sensation for its simple yet addictive gameplay, involves players navigating a cell through a map, consuming smaller cells to grow while avoiding being eaten by larger ones. This game, developed by Brazilian developer Matheus Valadares in 2015, has inspired a new genre of “eat and grow” games. As its popularity soared, many sought alternatives to, which offered similar gameplay with unique twists. This article explores the best alternatives to try in 2024, providing a fresh take on the beloved game mechanics.

So, why look for alternatives? Well, maybe you’ve played a ton and want to try something a bit different, or you’re just curious to see what other fun games are out there. These alternatives can offer you new challenges, cool themes, or even some neat features like power-ups and ways to customize your game character that doesn’t have.

In this article, we’re diving into the best alternatives you’ve got to try in 2024. These games keep the essence of being fun and easy to get into, but they also pack in plenty of action and strategy. Ready to explore? Let’s jump right in and find your next favorite game!

Overview of Alternatives is an online multiplayer game that has captured the attention of players worldwide with its simple yet addictive gameplay. Developed by Brazilian developer Matheus Valadares in 2015, the game quickly rose to fame and became a staple in gaming genre. The premise of is straightforward: players control a small cell in a petri dish-like arena, and the objective is to grow in size by consuming smaller cells while avoiding being eaten by larger ones.

The game is set on a vast map where each player’s cell is represented by a colored circle. Players can eat pellets scattered around the map to grow in size gradually. The real challenge and thrill come from encountering other players’ cells. You can consume cells that are smaller than yours, but you must steer clear of larger cells that can absorb you, which would mean game over.

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One of the unique aspects of is its competitive nature. The game features a leaderboard that displays the top players based on their size. This adds an element of competition as players strive not just to survive but to dominate the arena by becoming the largest cell. also includes mechanics such as splitting and ejecting mass. Splitting allows players to divide their cells into two, enabling them to move faster or launch an attack on another cell. Ejecting mass can be used strategically to feed allied cells or to bait opponents.

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Why Need for Alternatives

The need for alternatives arises for several reasons, each reflecting the diverse preferences and desires of its player base. While has been a groundbreaking game in the io genre, offering simple yet addictive gameplay, players often seek variety and new experiences beyond what the original game can provide. Here are some key reasons why players look for alternatives to

  1. Fresh Challenges: Over time, players might find the gameplay of becoming repetitive. Alternatives can offer new mechanics, objectives, and challenges, keeping the gameplay experience fresh and engaging.
  2. Different Themes and Aesthetics: While has a minimalist design focused on cells and a petri dish, other games explore various themes, from underwater adventures to cosmic battles. Players might be interested in exploring these different worlds and aesthetics.
  3. Enhanced Features: Some alternatives introduce additional features not found in, such as customizable skins, new power-ups, or even different modes of play. These features can add depth to the gameplay, offering players more ways to strategize and enjoy the game.
  4. Community and Social Aspects: Different games have different communities. Players might seek alternatives to find a more active, welcoming, or competitive community. Social features like clans or teams, as well as in-game chat, can also enhance the multiplayer experience.
  5. Performance and Accessibility: Depending on a player’s device or internet connection, might not always perform optimally. Alternatives might offer better optimization for different platforms or lower latency, improving the overall gaming experience.

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8 Best Alternatives to Try in 2024

Here’s a detailed look at eight of the best alternatives that you should consider trying out in 2024:


This game transforms the player from a mere cell into a slithering snake, navigating a vibrant world filled with pellets and other snakes. The objective remains to grow as large as possible, but the dynamics change as you maneuver your snake to consume pellets and smaller snakes while avoiding collisions with others. The smooth, responsive gameplay coupled with the added dimension of snake-like movement makes an addictive alternative that has captivated a vast audience.


Retaining the core gameplay of, introduces enhanced mechanics that elevate the experience. Players will find themselves in familiar territory, consuming smaller cells to grow, but with added features such as faster movement, the ability to divide cells for strategic navigation, and the option to eject mass to outmaneuver opponents. These tweaks provide more dynamic and fast-paced gameplay that keeps players engaged.


Taking the survival aspect of to new heights, introduces players to a world where consuming pies isn’t just about growing bigger but also about regaining energy to survive against both AI and player-controlled adversaries. The game spices things up with AI drones that drop cherry bombs, adding a layer of danger and excitement. The ability to jump, fly, and attack brings a whole new level of strategy and fun to the gameplay.


Merging the addictive nature of with the fidget spinner phenomenon, offers a unique and engaging experience. Players collect dots to increase their spinner’s speed, clashing with smaller spinners to absorb their mass. This innovative combination of concepts results in a compelling game that stands out in the crowded .io space.


Distinguishing itself with a 3D playing field, offers players the chance to explore space as they consume orbs to grow. This shift from the traditional 2D maps to a three-dimensional environment adds depth and complexity to the gameplay, providing a visually stunning and immersive experience.


Set in a fantastical world of medieval lords, wizards, and kings, expands the “eat and grow” concept into a grand strategy game. Players must build and command armies to conquer new territories, combining elements of growth with tactical warfare and kingdom expansion. The game’s rich graphics and complex gameplay mechanics make it a compelling choice for strategy enthusiasts.

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Focusing solely on survival, challenges players to navigate their avatars with precision to avoid crashing into opponents or the game boundaries. This intense, competitive gameplay emphasizes skill and strategy, making it a thrilling alternative for those seeking a pure survival challenge.


Blending the growth mechanics of with shooter elements, places players in control of a tank, tasked with destroying objects and other players to earn upgrades and climb the leaderboard. The addition of combat and strategy elements to the familiar growth-based gameplay creates a rich and engaging experience that appeals to fans of both genres.


1. Can I play these alternatives on mobile devices?

Yes, many alternatives offer mobile versions for both Android and iOS platforms.

2. Are these games free to play?

Most alternatives are free to play, though some may offer in-app purchases for additional features or cosmetics.

3. Do these alternatives support multiplayer gameplay?

Yes, these games are designed for online multiplayer experiences, allowing you to compete against players worldwide.

4. Can I customize my character in these games?

Many alternatives provide options for character or cell customization, including skins and colors.

5. Are there any strategy tips for playing alternatives?

Strategies include starting by consuming smaller targets, avoiding larger players until you grow, and utilizing game-specific features like splitting or using power-ups effectively.

Conclusion and its alternatives continue to captivate players with their simple yet challenging gameplay. Whether you’re a fan of the original or looking for something new, the “eat and grow” genre offers a variety of games that cater to different tastes and preferences. By exploring these alternatives, players can enjoy fresh challenges, innovative mechanics, and endless hours of competitive fun.

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