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Alexa finally gets a new name and voice: How to change them up on your Amazon Echo



Amazon alexa


  • Amazon has added a new wake word – Ziggy – to trigger Alexa.
  • There are two ways users can change the voice of Alexa on Echo devices.
  • It takes only a few seconds to change them.

Amazon has seemingly rolled out a new voice option for Alexa-powered devices and speakers. Unlike Alexa’s feminine-sounding voice, Echo speakers can now offer a new masculine-sounding voice option that has its own name, ‘Ziggy.

In addition to the two main Alexa voices, Amazon also has celebrity voices (right now you can choose between Samuel L. Jackson, Shaquille O’Neal, and Melissa McCarthy). These are programmed to work with certain phrases and answer select questions — mostly alarms and timers, jokes, or weather reports.

How to change Alexa’s voice using iPhone or Android app?

You can change Alexa’s voice directly from an Amazon Echo or Echo Show device. Just say, “Alexa change your voice.” If you have more than one device, Alexa will ask you to specify a device. If your Amazon Echo doesn’t support this feature, Alexa will say something like “Sorry, your device doesn’t support that.” If you have multiple devices, repeat this process to change the voice on all your devices.

You can also change the voice using the Alexa app for iOS and Android.

  1. Open the Alexa app and go to the “Devices” tab.
  2. Select the “Echo & Alexa” button in the top-left corner.
  3. Select the device where you want to change the voice.
  4. Tap the Settings (gear icon) in the top-right corner.
  5. Choose the “Alexa’s Voice” option, and switch to the “New” option to enable the new masculine voice.

 Amazon Alexa voice to celebrity voice:

In front of Alexa, say ‘Alexa introduce me to (name of celebrity). Now, Alexa will switch over to the celeb voice you’ve selected and explain the things you can do with it. If the user wants to purchase the voice, they will be asked to confirm the charge to your Amazon account. Once you purchase the voice, you can say ‘Hey (celeb name)’ to wake up the Echo device. Now, enable the voice on each Echo you want to use it on.

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