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Amazon Online Service restarted functioning well after 2 hours global interruption.



Amazon Fall Hardware Event

Hey readers, you must be aware of this news that the Amazon Online Shopping service was down today. It suddenly stops working and in a few moments, the whole internet gets flooded with similar news that their amazon account is not working.

Due to this, many global level sufferings were caused, as amazon e-portal is not a small network, its range is spread all across the globe. And a whole network of many teams works together in this. So, as the server goes down, its absence was felt hard by the customers all across the globe.

In this, the Amazon was down for almost 2 hours straight.

But the good news is that now, Amazon has started working again smoothly. Amazon is one of the biggest online shopping portals that allows and provides various customers and sellers an integrated platform to interact and buy/sell things.

According to the website down detector,  the services offered by Amazon were stopped for 2 hours. During this time interval, approx 38000 people have reported this issue on Amazon’s online service. Amazon services were interrupted according to American timings that happened on Sunday evening. According to this, in Indian timings, the services got interrupted on Tuesday Morning. However, why the service was down, the reasons are still not cleared. So as of now no new reports claiming its root cause has been issued by the company.

What is Amazon Spokesperson’s take on this?

Well, on this matter, Amazon spokesperson said that – some customers were having troubles in online shopping through the site. But now everything is fine as we have fixed the issue And it is now active again.  The problem has been resolved. But what was the actual issue, the spokesperson didn’t utter a word on that?
Well, in only June month, this happened a second time, when the amazon platform stopped working. In this Alexa and prime video, services are also involved.

Amazon Prime Day Sale 2021 announced  :

As you all know that, the company has recently announced Amazon Prime Day Sale 2021, In this, firstly, the Amazon website has faced global service down problems.

Well, the prime day sale will occur on the 5th anniversary of Amazon prime in India. The sale will begin from 26th July at midnight and will continue till 27th July. In this deal; you can grab amazing products like smartphones, home appliances, or amazon devices at cheap prices. Also, the competitor company of Amazon that is Flipkart also announced its Flipkart Prime day Sale between 26th July to 29th July.

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