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Android vs. iOS: Which Mobile Software is Better for Gamblers?



Not so long ago, online casino games were strictly accessible only via a PC. To play blackjack or roulette, it was either casino players who stayed at home with their desktops or lugged around a laptop. This was grossly inconvenient. Somehow, gambling platforms had to be ported away to work on mobile.

The preexisting online casinos at the time were built with archaic, outdated tools, so it was a bit of a hassle at first. However, software devs ultimately came up with neomodern solutions that targeted both the Android and iOS gambling mobile app ecosystems.

Nowadays, you can play poker, roulette, or even online slots from virtually anywhere you want and make real money. As you’d ordinarily expect, though, fans of either iOS and Android phones have been at loggerheads, with each side claiming superiority over the other.

So, which is the best mobile software for Gamblers – iPhone or Android? Stick along as we hash things out!


It’s easier to crack a rock with an egg than have attackers gain access to your iOS firmware. Apple devices are somewhat renowned for the level of security they offer. Considering that patches are released continually, it gets even monumentally more difficult. And for a mobile or even an online gambling platform with real money at stake, nothing is more welcome.

But the point here is not on whether or not patches are continually released; it’s about the frequency of rollouts. Apple has – what might be described – as a super tight influence on its software system. That way, getting updates rolled out as quickly as needed is easier.

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So, it’s somewhat impossible to release a patched version compatible with all variations of the pure OS. Phone manufacturers would need to make custom modifications. At times, the inherent delay is too costly for real money gaming apps. iOS has got the edge here, though it’s pretty small.

However, the security concern is more essential when it comes to the platform you are playing at rather than the device itself. As a player, you need to be sure you are playing in a reputable casino. The smartest idea is to search for the best casino online Canada, find a trustworthy site, and the problems with security will fade away.

Battery Lifetime

What could be more frustrating than not having your battery die out? In classic Android vs IOS comparisons, battery life is typically a major preference swerving factor.

The more sustainable your battery is, the better things work out while gaming. Sadly, when it comes to charge sustainability, even newer releases of apple mobile products compare dismally with those you find on a Google-backed phone.

Apple iOS typically comes loaded with so much bloatware that you usually find a gazillion background processes gobbling up battery power. So, hats off to Android OS on this one.

Though it’s hardly likely that you would have any motivation to gamble with your battery level indicator blinking red, no doubt it would be annoying to miss out on a sure game simply because you are playing on phone and do not have a charger with you.

Storage Space

Here, Apple’s iOS has a bit of an edge. Little things are more painful than having to forgo installing a casino app because you’ve run out of storage space. Or even having to delete some of your beloved files because your OS onboard SSD couldn’t cope with the additional background data.

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An iPad or iPhone typically comes boarded with memory chips that have the capacity to run into hundreds of Gigabytes. Additionally, you’ve got the option of having your files automatically backed up to iCloud. This singularly makes iPhone gambling much more of a nice dig. So, full points to iOS on this one. However, as most Android users enjoy the overall experience a simplistic design offers, we don’t see why you need to be tripped up.

Continual Availability on the App Store

There’s a rather simple set of requirements to host an app on the Google Play store, and it is somewhat uncommon for the company to go on a cleanup spree. True, they’ve got policies yet. They are not much of a worry when it comes to enforcing them. With Apple, however, it’s not unusual to play your favorite casino games on a day only to lose access or have to download them again on the next. That’s what you get with strict, tough policies from the company.

Only a very low percentage of developers, even when they’ve got popular casino apps, hardly ever decide to code up new mobile games that meet up with updated requirements upon the first deletions.

As if that cleanups weren’t enough, policies require that developers with in-app purchases integrated into their apps part away with as much as 25% of their generated revenue to keep featuring their products on the Apple app store. On this basis, you might want to vibe more with Android, given it’s a developer’s favorite.

So, Which is Better? Android for Gamblers or iOS for Gamblers?

Frankly, each operating system has its peculiar set of benefits and downsides. However, their merits far outweigh the cons. Ultimately, which OS it is recommended you vibe with all boils down to personal preference and just about how much you care to spend on hardware maintenance and upgrades.

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Online casino games are continually evolving. Players have come a long way from playing their favorite games at physical locations and playing with a computer to enjoying the flexibility a smartphone typically offers. These days, operators mostly ponder just to what degree progress in Virtual and Augmented Reality will improve the gaming experience and how best it is to incorporate Casinos with these features. However, which mobile software it’s recommended you go for remains a question of how much cash you’ve got at hand to spend and which OS you want to play a game or vibe more with as a player.

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