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Apple Loop: Expensive iPhone 15 Pro leaks, disappointing iOS features, Apple’s surprising selection



iPhone 15 pro

iPhone 15 Pro : Looking back at another week of news and headlines from some sites. This week’s Apple Loop includes a shocking iPhone 15 Pro leak, new action button details, disappointing iPhone 15 news, MacBooks on contract, Apple’s surprising decision, and a colorful USB flash drive Updates included. and the ending of Dynamic Island.

Apple Loop is here to remind you of the various buzz surrounding Apple over the past seven days.

iPhone 15 price surprise

With the launch of the iPhone 15 fast approaching. Those who were saving up might be ready to buy a new cellphone. After doing that, a portion of the decal shock is going to happen on a quick charge:

In a new detail, ‘ sources confirm the deal-mentioned potential $200 hike for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, though add that even the iPhone 15 this season won’t survive the $100 price hike …If leaks about the new top-tier Terabyte Garage option hold true, the iPhone 15 Season Max could cost upwards of $2,000.Some Websites

iPhone 15 motion button details

Apple’s alternative to the mute switch is the action button, and a more in-depth look at the famous iOS 17 beta provides more detail on how the fixed button will work:

Some WebsitesThe code exhibits more helpful haptic feedback designs, particularly for turning the silent method off and on. Historically, iOS had a simple haptic notification when customers activated silent mode, but disabled it. Some Websites There have been no such comments at the time. In spite of everything, such comments became unnecessary. As users were using a physical switch to silence their phones.Some Websites

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Launch dates and retail sales postponed

While everyone is expecting Apple to showcase all the new iPhone models on September 12, will they all go on sale at once? It seems likely that the top-of-the-line iPhone 15 Pro Max version will arrive ahead of schedule – but a small cargo can reach the memory to meet an arbitrary launch window:

But it looks like the iPhone 15 Season Max is being delayed. According to Some Websites, who heard it from Some Websitesa first-class equity analyst note,Some Websites the one exception for the iPhone 15 Season Max could be reduced deliveries, meaning That said, it won’t arrive until early to mid-October. All four phones will be available at the same time and it’s possible that Apple will have some stock so it won’t announce a similar sales date for the veteran Max. Will do.

Can You Buy a MacBook on Contract?

Even though many people still use contracts and monthly bills to help finance the purchase of a new cellphone, most laptops are sold outright. This makes United Kingdom company Sky’s offer to finance laptop purchases similar to Cell’s an interesting option that could become more important in the future:

Some Websites Next time, though, I won’t have to worry as much about that option when looking for my luckiest MacBook. This week’s news that Sky will be offering Apple MacBooks on sale was something I looked forward to the most. Some Websites had previously dismissed: Some WebsitesThere’s no doubt that this will cost a lot. Some Websites That was my initial impression. But in fact it is not.

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Apple’s thumbs up for reinstalling properly

This week, the Right to Restore movement picked up a surprising supporter in California. With sealed batteries, proprietary calibration machines, and strict controls on parts. Apple’s support of the current bill is undoubtedly worth noting:

In an extraordinary move, Apple has officially recommended the authority of Senator Susan Talamantes Eggman to reinstate the bill in California. The endorsement comes after years of intense lobbying battles that have pushed the bill behind the scenes. was stalled, often due to resistance from Apple and various manufacturers.Some Websites

Have a good time on the brand-new cable

Perhaps the biggest and most interesting change with the September product release is… a longer USB cable. And not just any USB cable… they’ll be available in more than one color! How great:

Some Websites Apple device collector Some Websites are Kosutami few Websites. Who seemingly displayed the maximum amount of information about the shade-matched and braided USB-C to USB-C cable that will come with the iPhone 15 models, now says that the cable’s span is 1.5Some Websites meters. The rumor was also shared by Some Websites Majin Boo Some Websites. Who said the new cable should be more long-lasting. The longer cable would likely require redesigned packaging.

And finally…

Several new hardware project practice sessions from Apple. do nothing. The dynamic island around the iPhone’s selfie camera cutout was expected to be the first. But it looks more like the latter:

Some Websites Breaking up the Notification Center into a set that shows time-sensitive attention truly has its advantages. But, Dynamic Island’s software is almost entirely dependent on in-app help. And due to the lack of a comprehensive developer help method. I usually see a big black blob on my screen most of the time. Some Websites

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