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Apple watch detects rare cancer in a 12-year-old with heart rate feature



Apple Watch detects Cancer

The Apple Watch has been credited for saving lives countless times, but this time a girl was able to discover she had cancer after the watch alerted her of an abnormally high heart rate. Apple Watch’s heart rate notifications feature is available on the Watch SE, Watch 7 as well as the newly launched Watch 8 and Watch Ultra.

Imani Mile is a 12-year-old girl that notices an abnormal heart rate. Mile’s mom, Jessica Kitchen, took her to the hospital where doctors diagnosed her with appendicitis. During the diagnosis procedure, they discovered a neuroendocrine in her appendix, which is rarely seen in children.

After further examination, the doctors found that the tumor had spread to the other parts of Imani’s body. She had to undergo surgery to remove cancer. But everything turned out fine after the surgery.

Apple Watch Detects Rare Cancer in  a12 year old girl

Kitchen told the daily that if not for the watch, she would have taken Miles to the hospital much later, which would have turned fatal for her. “If [the watch] didn’t go off, I probably would have just waited and taken her in the next couple of days,” Kitchen told the local publication. She said that if Imani did not have the watch, it could have been much worse.

Apple Watch has a host of life-saving features including ECG, heart rate notifications, and fall, and crash detection. Recently, the Apple Watch’s ECG heart sensor saved the life of a 57-year-old UK man by sending alerts for a low resting heart rate almost 3,000 times.

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Earlier this month, an Apple Watch had detected a 34-year-old woman’s pregnancy.

The woman posted on Reddit that the watch indicated that her average resting heart rate had significantly increased in just a few days, which made her suspect that something was off.

In July, a woman’s heart detects with a rare tumor after she received multiple alerts that her heart was in atrial fibrillation.

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