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Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite rescues relatives trapped in wildfires



apple's emergency sos

Apple’s Emergency SOS: The iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS via satellite feature helped store a family in Maui (an island in Hawaii, US). That was caught in the wildfires that spread across the region. Michael Miraflore, a man on X (formerly Twitter), said five men belonging to his brother’s girlfriend were trapped in a car in Maui when wildfires engulfed them.

There is no mobile carrier available around them. So they used Emergency Save Our Souls to communicate with first responders.

My brother’s GF cousin and her household were entangled in their car in Maui when wildfires unexpectedly exploded all around them. There was no mobile provider. So Apple Emergency Save Our Souls was the best way they could reach first responders. Could contact. Really cherished his life,” he wrote.

Miraflores also shared a screenshot

Miraflores also shared a screenshot of the full Crisis Save Our Souls reading material series. Which shows the regional fire unit and dispatchers in motion. The household was located near the blaze at the Outlets of Maui, a shopping center in Lahaina.

In the text thread, the family’s modern area was transmitted to the dispatcher, and they were able to say that they were surrounded by fire and with no visibility and no way out due to blocked roads.

Due to the crisis Save Our Souls via satellite feature, firefighters were capable to contact the family and vacate them safely within half an hour. Last month, the Emergency SOS via satellite function on the iPhone helped keep two tourists safe who were lost in the mountains of Italy.

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During a day hike within the Apennine Mountains, hikers got lost in a spot where there was no mobile phone signal, reports Some website. Luckily, he had an iPhone 14 that gave him the option of calling for help via satellite text message. He was then rescued through the local fire department.


How does emergency SOS work on Apple(Apple’s Emergency SOS)?

When you call with Emergency Save Our Souls. Your Apple Watch automatically calls local crisis services and shares your place with them.

What happens if I accidentally call emergency SOS?

It is probable that the 911 operator will return your call.

What is the full form of SOS?

Save Our Souls

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