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Automate Visitor Temperature Screening in Workplace




Why automate visitor temperature screening in the workplace?

There are many reasons why such automation is needed in any business. But one of the most important and basic Reasons to do such a thing is automation helps reduce or eliminate manual labour thus improving productivity and increasing profits. Automation can be done through various ways, which are explained below.

Thermal Survey at Workplace

Workplace temperature check is a form of thermal surveying where data is accumulated from sensors to identify temperature changes. There are different sensors available for such activities like microwave, infrared, sound waves etc. These sensors capture, store and retrieve data as per their capability. One of the most modern and advanced forms of thermal camera is the thermal camera to scan radiated temperature.

The thermal viewer consists of two components.

  • Thermal viewer
  • Thermal scanner

Thermal viewer head which is placed near the subject of thermal scan or the other part is the thermal scanner which is placed near the subject for getting the information. As the name says thermal viewer displays a digital image of the object whereas a thermal scanner looks like a microscope using a scanner for getting the images from the object.

With the help of a thermal reader there are some simple steps that need to be followed for both Scanner and Reader. First of all, the scanner needs to be aligned with the thermal reader head so as to get the best result. For doing so, the distance between the two thermal readers needs to be measured and then calculate the measurement between them. Once the calculation is done then you just have to align the scanner to your work surface and also adjust its position accordingly.

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Similarly, when it comes to the thermal camera, the same process has to be followed. The distance between the thermal camera lens and the temperature sensor need to be measured and then calculate the measurement between them. If the distance is less than the one defined then the image will be slightly visible. In such cases, a thermal camera with infrared lens will be the best option rather than a thermal reader.

Benefits of Installing Automated Screening System

  • Automated visitor temperature screening in the workplace can be of great use to reduce the risk of being exposed to harmful heat waves or cold waves. This automation system not only detects heat or cold but also monitors temperature. It is because the temperature of the people coming into the workplace will be determined based on their body heat and skin color. If they are wearing full suits then this will be a good indication of the temperature outside as the employees would be working under hot weather conditions. Therefore, automated systems can reduce the risk of being affected by these harmful temperatures.


  • Automated temperature monitoring in the workplace helps in reducing manual tasks involved in temperature monitoring. However, it is advisable to monitor temperature manually as once the process is set up in your office and visitors start coming in then you have to continuously check the temperature and display the data as required. If you have an automated system, then there is no more need of monitoring the temperature as the process is programmed and automatically begins when the temperature reaches the predefined level. However, if you want to make the visitors feel welcome then you have to make sure that the temperature is optimum.
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  • Visitors will feel comfortable if they come into the workplace during the summer months when the heat is at its peak. On the other hand, during the winter months, the heating may be low. There are many factors like the number of visitors, duration of visit and the climate of the area where the employees or the visitors are working which determine the temperature they should feel inside the building. Therefore, having an automated temperature tracking system in the workplace will definitely help you in all these aspects.


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