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Automobile Accident Injuries That Do Not Show Up Right Away



It is always important for anyone involved in an automobile accident to get checked out by a health care professional as quickly as possible. Sometimes, injuries, even serious ones, may not be apparent immediately after an accident. Getting checked and seeking care at the first sign of a problem after the accident is very important.

How Injuries are Missed

An automobile accident can be a very traumatic experience, and even minor accidents may trigger a fight or flight response. When this occurs, the body releases hormones to prepare for any necessary response to survive the situation. These hormones can often mask pain and cause an injury from a car accident to be missed.

In some cases, an injury may not cause pain immediately. This can be due to displacement or strains that are not apparent until they are used later. Some injuries may not present with pain until the swelling or inflammation occurs after a rest. It is important to understand the types of injuries and be aware of the signs

Brain Injuries

Automobile accidents create a lot of force that can greatly impact the body. The violent forces will often cause a person to hit their head during an accident. Even hitting the airbag can cause a serious force to the head. Sometimes, the force of the accident can cause the head to move so forcefully, that the brain can hit the inside of the skull.

Any hit to the head or forceful motion can put a person at risk for a concussion or brain injury. These injuries are often not painful and may not present themselves right away. However, any brain injury could become very serious without proper treatment. It is important to understand the signs of such an issue and seek immediate medical attention.

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Those with a concussion or other brain injury may begin to see signs of a problem shortly after an accident. These can include headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, or blurred vision. There may also be balance issues. Some accident victims may experience nausea and vomiting or sensitivity to light and noise.

Neck and Back Injuries

The forceful stop from a collision can often cause a body to continue to move in distorted ways during an accident. This can put serious stress on the spine. Whiplash is one of the most common types of injuries that occur during a car accident. This is due to the forceful back and forth motions of the neck during an accident.

Injuries to the neck, back, and spine often cause little or no pain immediately after an accident. This can be due to the endorphins from the accident or a lack of swelling immediately after the accident. However, not getting proper treatment right away could lead to severe pain or even paralysis when a spinal injury has occurred.

Internal Damage

Injuries to internal organs or even bleeding internally may not be apparent at all. These issues may cause no pain but could be life-threatening. Often, internal injuries may not even show symptoms until they become serious.

Getting checked out by a healthcare professional immediately after an accident could help to identify such an injury. They can look for external signs that may show an internal injury may be possible. This could provide the healthcare experts with the opportunity to run tests to ensure internal organs and structures are intact.

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Fortunately, there are many safety mechanisms on vehicles today to safeguard individuals from many types of injuries. Unfortunately, there is no method to protect those in the vehicle from every issue. This makes it important for individuals to get the needed care right away.

Non-Economic Damages

Beyond physical damages to people and properties, car accidents can cause long-term non-economic damages. These damages include the pain, suffering, and trauma you might have experienced after your accident, but they also involve loss of wages and mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. 

In a court of law, these injuries are often missed because they are incredibly hard to prove. However, since you deserve compensation for all damages reported, if you believe that you have suffered non-economic damages, you should partner with a specialised car or motorcycle accident attorney who can help you gather and deliver the right evidence. 


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