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Avoid crypto confusion — discover the uses of Ethereum online



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There are many cryptocurrencies available to investors, and one of them is Ethereum. While many have heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum is one of the other major players in the industry. In fact, it’s considered the second most valuable crypto after BTC. With that in mind, there are a number of different places where you can spend Ethereum.

Purchasing Ethereum

Before you can start spending your Ethereum, you need to know where you can buy cryptocurrency. Luckily, there are a number of different places for you to purchase this currency. Typically, we recommend only purchasing Ethereum from reputable centralised crypto exchanges.

Top online stores that accept Ethereum

If you’ve purchased Ethereum and are looking for places to spend it that aren’t an online gambling site, there are plenty of options. Below, we’ve listed five of the top online stores that accept Ethereum payments.

Gambling sites

Using Ethereum in the gambling industry is, without a doubt, one of the most common options when spending Ethereum online. There are a growing number of crypto casinos and betting sites to consider when opting to use Ethereum online. These sites have a wealth of different games including slots, table games, and even crash games. Better still, gambling sites taking this crypto offer speedy deposits and payouts. Plus, there are reduced fees. At the end of it all, players get to have fun playing too.

Crypto Emporium

For the sheer variety and options available to Ethereum shoppers, we can’t help but put Crypto Emporium near the top of the list. This marketplace has been around since 2018 and is one of the most popular crypto-online shopping sites. It ships to 125 different countries ensuring its accessibility to shoppers around the globe.

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Not only does Crypto Emporium accept Ethereum, but, as its name suggests, it accepts a variety of other cryptos such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Dash and more. It’s also got an incredibly broad selection of products to buy. This also sets it apart from some of the other stores on our list, which only cater to specific niche products or services.

This site offers security systems, electricals, audio equipment, laptops and more. It’s also got a wide array of jewellery, watches, clothing apparel, merch for different cryptos and even sells vehicles such as motorbikes and cars. Artworks can also be purchased here as well as properties including houses, land, islands and more.

If this wasn’t enough, there is a rewards program in place as well. Customers can earn free crypto and there is 4% cashback on purchases when $100 or its equivalent is spent.

Nord VPN

For those using cryptocurrencies online, it’s likely that privacy and anonymity are important. Virtual Private Networks or VPNs, provide online privacy and now, one of the top VPNs in the industry also accepts crypto payments.

The Nord VPN service is available in many countries with servers in 60 locations. It’s got an audited no-logs policy in place, which means all user data is protected. Not only that, once subscribed to this VPN, any online activity is secured as well as users being protected from malware.

It can also be used by Ethereum users who want to spend their crypto on sites such as Ethereum casinos that are otherwise unavailable in their region. This is done by bypassing geo-restrictions.

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This e-commerce site is subscription-based. It’s a site that helps large and small companies with their online and pop-up businesses and is similar to a digital assistant. This company simply provides businesses with software for easier selling, shipping and product management.

As such, it’s a very simple tool that’s available for anyone who wants to build an online store and accept Ethereum. However, customers using this option for collecting crypto payments should only accept Ethereum if they have an additional payment method such as BitPay enabled in their settings.

The great thing about Shopify is that there are a diverse number of stores available on this platform. Not only that, but it’s got some big stores on here such as Red Bull and Lindt.


For those of you looking to enjoy your holidays but wanting to spend Ethereum, there is CheapAir. This travel site has airfares, travel packages, accommodation and even vehicle rentals available, all with crypto payments on offer as well.

It is one of the first travel companies to accept crypto payments too. Back in 2013, it started taking Bitcoin payments via Coinbase and has grown since then. It has since switched to faster payment platforms too, transitioning in 2018 to BTCPayServer.

If you do choose to pay in Ethereum, then the process is very simple. All you need to do is add the flight or travel booking to your account. Then click on the cryptocurrency option and choose your eWallet. Once the transaction has been confirmed by CheapAir you’ll get the confirmation of your travel booking.


Established in 2011, this Amazon-owned company is all about streaming. It’s got more than 15 million users on any day and is primarily known for bringing in viewers to stream and watch live video game tournaments and esports.

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It also offers music and broadcasts from people during their day-to-day lives. Additionally, it allows real-time communication between streamers and viewers. When viewers are watching content, they can donate Twitch Bits, which are essentially tips to show how much the viewer appreciates the content available. These Twitch Bits can be purchased and sent live via chats.

Impressively, Twitch is still one of the few streaming services that does actually accept Ethereum. And, not only can you use this crypto for Twitch Bits, but also to pay for the subscription to the platform as well.

Why should you use Ethereum for payments online?

So, now that you know where you can spend your Ethereum, let’s take a look at why you should use this payment method over others. First, it’s speedy, so all your payments will get here instantly. And that goes for global payments as well.

Second, it’s also incredibly secure. Typically, when buying goods online you’ll usually have to provide banking details. Not so with Ethereum. As it’s based on the Blockchain, you’ve got security without the need to provide further identifying information.

Finally, this legal payment method has no fees. Cryptocurrencies across the board do not have fees attached. Traditional payments do, especially when sending or making international payments.


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