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How to Play Bad Time Simulator Game Online



Bad Time Simulator

“Bad Time Simulator” is a term that has become synonymous with a series of fan-made games inspired by the popular indie game “Undertale.” These games focus on intense battles with the character Sans, providing players with a challenging experience that tests their reflexes and determination. In these games, players get to battle against a character named Sans. It’s not easy, as Sans is a tough opponent with many tricks up his sleeve. This article delves into the world of “Bad Time Simulator,” exploring its gameplay, features, and how to play it online.

If you’re curious about “Bad Time Simulator” or just looking for a fun challenge, keep reading! We’ll break everything down in simple terms so you can understand and enjoy the game.

What is the Bad Time Simulator Game?

Bad Time Simulator

“Bad Time Simulator” games are fan-made adaptations of the Sans fight from “Undertale.” These games recreate the challenging boss battle against Sans, offering players a chance to experience the fight in various modes and difficulties. The games have gained popularity among “Undertale” fans and those looking for a challenging gameplay experience.

Imagine a game where you’re up against a character who’s not just any regular opponent. Sans is smart, tricky, and doesn’t play by the usual rules. In “Undertale”, he’s known for his challenging boss fight, and “Bad Time Simulator” brings that experience to the forefront. Instead of playing the entire “Undertale” game, players can jump straight into the action and face Sans in a series of intense battles.

The main goal? Dodge Sans’ relentless attacks. Players control a small heart, which represents their character’s soul. This heart must navigate a maze of obstacles and challenges thrown by Sans. It sounds simple, but it’s not. Sans uses a mix of patterns and surprise moves, making each moment in the game a test of reflexes and strategy.

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But there’s more to it than just dodging. The game has different modes, each offering a unique challenge. Some modes let players practice, while others push their limits with non-stop action. As players progress, they’ll notice that the hearts they control can change colors, with each color bringing a new set of challenges.

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Gameplay and Features

At the heart of “Bad Time Simulator” is a test of skill and reflexes. Players control a small heart, symbolizing their soul, and this heart is the target of Sans’ relentless attacks. The primary objective is to dodge and survive these attacks for as long as possible.

  1. Dodge and Survive: The screen fills with various patterns of obstacles, from bones to laser beams, all orchestrated by Sans. Players must move their hearts around to avoid getting hit.
  2. Soul Modes: The heart can change into different colors, or “modes”. Each mode has its own set of challenges. For example, in the blue mode, the heart is affected by gravity, while in the red mode, it can move freely.
  3. Interactions with Sans: Throughout the game, players will have moments where they can engage in dialogues with Sans. But be cautious! Sans is known for his deceptive tactics, and one wrong move can lead to instant defeat.


  1. Multiple Modes: The game offers various modes to cater to different player preferences.
    • Normal Mode: A standard gameplay experience with increasing levels of difficulty.
    • Practice Mode: Ideal for beginners, this mode allows players to familiarize themselves with Sans’ attack patterns.
    • Endless Mode: As the name suggests, players face an unending barrage of attacks from Sans, testing how long they can survive.
    • Single Attack Mode: Players can experience individual attacks from Sans, allowing them to practice specific patterns.
    • Custom Attack Mode: This mode introduces new and innovative attacks, offering a fresh challenge.
  2. Unique Attacks: Sans employs a variety of attacks, each with its own pattern and challenge. From hurling bones to deploying laser-shooting skulls, players must be prepared for anything.
  3. Interactive UI: The game interface includes options like “Fight”, “Act”, “Item”, and “Mercy”. After dodging Sans’ attacks, players can use these options to strategize their next move, heal, or even attempt to spare Sans.
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How to Play Bad Time Simulator Online?

1. Visit a hosting website:

Start by navigating to one of the websites that host the “Bad Time Simulator” game. Websites like “” or other mentioned URLs are good places to begin.

2. Choose the difficulty level:

Upon loading the game, you’ll often be presented with different difficulty levels. Options might include “GOOD TIME”, “BAD TIME”, or “REALLY BAD TIME”, with each level offering a varying degree of challenge. Select the one you’re comfortable with.

3. Understand the controls:

    • Use the arrow keys or WASD to move the heart around the screen. This heart represents your soul, and your primary goal is to prevent it from getting hit by Sans’ attacks.
    • Enter or the Z key can be used to make selections in the game, like choosing a difficulty level or interacting with Sans.
    • The X key is typically used to go back or deselect an option.

4. Start the game:

Once you’ve selected your difficulty and are familiar with the controls, the battle against Sans will begin.

5. Engage with Sans:

At certain points in the game, Sans might engage in a conversation with you. Pay close attention to these dialogues, as they can offer hints or even lead to deceptive tactics from Sans.

6. Use Game Options:

On the screen, you’ll see options like “Fight”, “Act”, “Item”, and “Mercy”.

    • Fight: Allows you to attack Sans.
    • Act: Engage or interact with Sans.
    • Item: Use items to heal or boost your abilities.
    • Mercy: Attempt to spare Sans or flee from the battle.

7. Stay Alert:

Sans’ attack patterns can change rapidly, and he often uses a mix of attacks. Always be on the lookout for new patterns and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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8. Progress Through Modes:

As you get better, try out the different modes available in the game. Each mode offers a unique challenge and can test different aspects of your skills.

9. Practice:

If you find a particular attack pattern challenging, consider practicing it multiple times. Some versions of the game offer a “Practice Mode” specifically for this purpose.


Who made the Bad Time Simulator?

The game is inspired by “Undertale,” created by Toby Fox. Various versions of “Bad Time Simulator” have been developed by indie developers, with one notable version made by Joe Zeng.

How many attacks are there in the game?

Sans has a total of 24 distinct attacks in the game, divided into two parts. These attacks range from bone barriers to laser beams.

Can you access the Bad Time Simulator Unblocked version?

Yes, there’s an unblocked version available on Classroom 6x, allowing players to enjoy the game without restrictions.

How do you hit Sans in the game?

While Sans seems invincible, players can attack him when he’s asleep. It’s crucial to survive his special attack and wait for the right moment.

What happens when you defeat Sans?

Defeating Sans leads to the game’s ending. Players will leave the room, and the heart disappears. To continue, players may need to reset the game.


“Bad Time Simulator” offers a unique and challenging gameplay experience, drawing inspiration from the iconic Sans fight in “Undertale.” Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the world of “Undertale,” these fan-made adaptations provide a thrilling test of skill and determination. Dive in and see if you can survive the bad time

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