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Baldur’s Gate 3: All Astarion Endings Analyzed



astarion endings analyzed

Astarion Endings Analyzed: One of the aspects that Baldur’s Gate 3 has been praised for is how it gives players the freedom to choose. From the outset, the game guarantees that you are free to determine your own destiny. You can determine which way your birthday party will go, how you respond in verbal exchanges and address the goals of the quest. However, these selections do have an effect.

They will affect the area around you and even your relationships with festival contributors. One of the people who will be immediately impressed is Astarion. This manual will test each ability ending for him, so read straight into it to learn about the possible endings for him.

Astarion Endings Analyzed: Each End of Astarion’s Quest Line in Baldur’s Gate 3

Astarion is a half-elf rogue that you can quickly spot in Baldur’s Gate 3 near the crashed nautiloid ship on the damaged beach. However, beneath the exterior, he’s concealing a potentially lethal secret that you’ll reveal in no time. It seems that this Light Elf is secretly a vampire, and the end of his quest and ability is tied to this mystery.

You can crack down on his secret one night at camp when he tries to drink some of your blood. Luckily, you’ll wake up in time to stop him, and then you’ll have to decide whether or not you’ll agree to let him drink your blood. This series of opportunities will begin on the Astarion quest line.

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This of course would result in the discovery of Cazador, Astarion’s former master. There are several ways to take this quest to Baldur’s Gate 3.

Refuse to help Astarion

Definitely, you can decline to help your vampire companion in BG 3. Astarion will request again, but you can decline his advances again.

This time, he will go on a rampage and brutally attack his former master with a dagger. Once Cazador is out of whack, your elven partner will let out his feelings and start crying. But, he’ll soon gather his composure and decide to destroy Cazador’s workforce, preventing you from looting it afterward.

That’ll skip your celebration altogether, leaving you without a rogue for the rest of your adventures in Baldur’s Gate 3. Vampire eggs can also be left in their cages, their fate being the same as that of the Ulma.

Persuade Astarion not to ascend anymore

One of the options in Baldur’s Gate 3 is to persuade Astarion to undergo the Rite of Ascension(Astarion Endings Analyzed). This can be done by revealing that the ritual will consume only her or kill all the eggs.

You must pass a Persuasion test or make an Insight test that allows you to offer additional options to convince Astarion with a low DC. Passing these tests will allow you to properly persuade him.

He’s going to brutally murder Cazador in the same way you disowned him, but this time, you’ll save him for your party. That said, you must make the decision about spawn.

Help Astarion in Ascension

Astarion will be looking for your resource to conduct the ritual in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you give him approval, he will go through the ritual and gain tremendous strength. Once the ritual is performed, he will gain the benefit of a passive feature called Vampire Ascendant which allows him to create magic of gaseous form.

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Plus he’ll get a new attack called Ascendant Bite, collecting a 1d10 necrotic damage bonus to weapon and unarmed attack rolls, giving you an extra effective best friend. But, all this energy will come at a price, starting with a drastic drop in your other party members’ approval scores.

In addition, this will kill all the vampires born in their cells and will lead you to confront Ulama and her clan.

Those are the 3 selections you can have for Astarion and their corresponding endings in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Recognizing What the Eggs Will See

In order to decide what is going to happen with the Spawn, you will first need to properly persuade Astarion not to go with the Ascendant. If you choose that route, here are two viable options for breeding vampires.

Launch spawn

If you’re feeling kind, you can allow the eggs to proceed. Choosing this path would instruct them to tour the Underdark, where they would be overlooked by Astarion’s siblings. The Ulama will be displeased with you for allowing thousands of vampire children to roam free.

Kill the spawn

However, you can decide to destroy all 7,000 spawns. The members of your celebration and the siblings of Astarion may be saddened by this decision. Plausibly, the vampire himself reluctantly kills them all.

Ulama will reward you for killing Cazador and mourn the loss of the children of your clan. If you allow Astarion to speak, he might be able to convince him that killing them was for quality.


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