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Baldur’s Gate 3: Fixing the Open Hand Temple Murders



baldur's gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3: If you want to play rogue detective in Baldur’s Gate three, Act 1/3 of the RPG will bring enough scope to accomplish this, mainly with open handed temple assassinations. The third phase is when you really start to see civilization collapse in the Forgotten Realms as the various cities you visit are one murder after another.

One such series of murders has come to light inside the Open Hand Temple located in the city of Rivington. To make matters worse, the man who was murdered was Father Logan, the head of the order. It was speculated by onlookers that the crime may have been committed with the assistance of Brilgore, who was a refugee.

Valeria Hallifant may be the crime’s top investigator. However, she can’t be of much help with your inquiries as Valeria is satisfied that Brilgor is the wrongdoer. To get additional clues and data about points of interest. You might want to talk to Sister Yanis. Only after that, you will begin to determine who killed Father Logan.

This is one of the more difficult quests to finish. However, today’s Baldur’s Gate 3 guide will help you with many of the cases you can take on solving open-hand temple murders.

Fixing Open Hand Temple Killings in Baldur’s Gate 3

To crack the Open Hand Temple Assassinations in BG 3, there are periodic steps you’ll be required to fund in before finishing the quest line. Below is the completely instant and possibly most linear way to learn about the murders and uncover the mystery behind them.

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Talk to Dead Father Logan in Baldur’s Gate Three

The first step may be to talk to the murdered Father Logan. You can accomplish this by operating the “Speak to the Dead” power and then interacting with Father Logan’s corpse. After a brief change of dialogues, Father Logan will reveal to you that Brilgore was not the only one who killed him, but the “dwarf dressed in red”.

From there, create your path out the door and back, and follow the way that guides to the kitchen. While inside the kitchen, head west, then head down the stairs and head outside. Now take the path that ends in the cemetery, and look for a grave that is close to the mausoleum.

Interact with the mound of dust there, and it will let you dig up Brilgore. The refugee who was accused of murder. Using the “talk idle” ability, talk to Brilgore, who will reveal more facts about who the murderer really is.

Loot dribbles the Clown or Joker in Baldur’s Gate 3

After talking to Brilgor, make your way back to the kitchen and enter the hatch that Sister Yanis mentioned earlier in your verbal exchange. This will lead you to the Open Hand Temple basement, and by following the corridor. You can enter a room that contains an altar and a panel as well as statues.

Proceeding from the altar, you will find an area containing several buried curses. You can choose to join them or continue completing the rest of the quest. Interacting with them may be part of the “Help the Cursed Monk” quest line.

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Then you have to inspect and test the partitions that are placed directly next to the two idols. There may be a plaque labeled “Heraldic Signal”. A button will appear on each aspect to interact with it. Pressing the button will open a wall panel, which will now lead you to the scene of another murder. This will automatically trigger an encounter, which you won’t be able to speak about. After defeating all the enemies, grapple with all the zombies until you stumble upon the corpse of Dribbles the Clown.

Now use “Communicate with the Useless” on him and after conversing with him, loot his body (vital development point for Act 3). Loot the corpses of other patients as well, and one of them will contain the “Flower Key”.

Heading up to the wooden platform, you will notice a hollow in the floor. Join it and take the “Stillmaker” quest, the murder weapon. Make sure you have someone with a high opinion of you to locate the hole.

Make your way to Frago’s Flophouse in Baldur’s Gate Three

Once you get the flower key, you’ll need to make your way to Fraygo’s flophouse. To get there, you’ll need to make your way through the South Span checkpoint, which is located just north of the Open Hand Temple.

Get ahead of a handful of units by speaking or fighting your way out. As an alternative, you can use Illithid powers to fly over the outpost or perhaps react to the “Misty Step” spell.

As soon as you pass the South Span checkpoint. You will later reach the Worms Crossing and find a door on your left. The door leads into the interior of Frego’s flophouse. You will then need to climb the stairs to reach the attic. You can find a clothes cupboard there that looks out of the ordinary, and interacting with it will open a secret entrance to the room. However, it will probably be locked, and you’ll want to use the Flower Key to open it.

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Upon entering the room, you will see a desk with a magazine on it. While studying the journal, you will learn about the Hitlist conspiracy and how the faction has a hitlist they are targeting.

Inform Valeria of your Open Hand Temple Assassination findings in Baldur’s Gate three.

After you get the journal, you may be required to locate Valeria. Which can be found across the highway from the Flophouse to Shares Cares. You’ll want to tell her about the Bhalist cult and how her father Logan’s murder became part of a more sinister plot.

If he’s not there, you’ll definitely have to stick with the main storyline that will help you find him again. Hard work on all opportunities to interact with him will end the Open Hand Temple Assassination quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.


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