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Top 12 Best Backpacking Tents in 2019



If you are looking for a list of the best backpacking tents then your search ends here. We have worked out intensively and made a list of top backpacking tents which you can buy from Amazon. This list is based on various kinds of surveys, research and analyzing 1000s of reviews online.

We suggest you check out below the list of backpacking tents before buying anything randomly. We have given a descriptive review of each backpacking tents below. Buying some random & cheap backpacking tents can be harmful.

1 ) Coleman 2-Person Sundome Tent, Navy

By Coleman

Our first venture into the property of the two man backpacking tent is this offering from Coleman. The Sundome will be your greatest 2 man tent Coleman creates and supplies lots of interior space on the floor, headroom and venting while at the same time keeping the wind and rain at bay and being simple to establish. With a durable, waterproof foam flooring, welded seams during, 4 vertical feet of mind space and a generously sized entrance and exit portal site the Sundome turns outdoor enjoyment in a artwork form.Unlike some tent poles those below have inner shock cords that hasten setup and ensure nothing gets lost. The rain fly works well if somewhat skimpy and there is plenty of storage with an net attic and the liberally sized gear pocket. It’s a little heavier than a backpacking tents but as soon as you are enjoying its many benefits from within you’ll be happy you brought it along. This is a dependable, affordable, sturdy yet comfortable backpacking tent which readily sleeps two adults.

2 ) ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

By ALPS Mountaineering

The most effective solution to commune with nature would be always to complete alone. As long as you have a great compass, a first class camping cooker and the ideal tent together with a few other essentials it can be fun, exciting and a fantastic means to find out on your own and examine your constraints. Even the Lynx inch person backpacking tent from ALPS Mountaineering will give you the protection from snow, rain and end you want without bogging down you by forcing one to take greater tent than you need.The Lynx inch person backpacking tent from ALPS Mountaineering is designed with single person setup in mind and can be ready to occupy minutes when you take it off by the bag bag. Tough 7075 aluminum bets maintain the tent in place if winds wrapped up at evening time and inside you have a gear attic, a generous storage pocket and tons of room at the periphery to store miscellaneous items. With top quality materials around and a watertight floor that the Lynx delivers convenience and comfort and that’s exactly what you want from the backpacking tent.

3 ) TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Quick Tent; One-Person Pop-Up Tent; Instant Setup – Less Than 1 Min; Camping and Backpacking Tent; Easy Clip-On Rainfly Included

By TETON Sports

TETON Sports creates a great deal of high quality outdoor gear of course if you’re in the industry for a 1 man backpacking tent their Outfitter XXL Quick Tent will more than fit the bill. The design of the tent optimizes internal space by attaching the head to a end. This enables you to sit without needing to go into the heart of the space, which is an inconvenience. Beyond that, the Outfitter XXL backpacking tent has been the best one man tent with its durable taffeta shell and a great deal of mesh to permit that pine-scented oxygen to waft through the interior.Setting a backpacking tent isn’t fun if you’ve been slogging through deep snow each day. The designers of the Outfitter XXL Quick Tent understand this and also have created a backpacking tent that pops right into place in moments. All you need to do is lock the sticks set up, offer a tug on the drawstring and you’re all set to chuck in your sleeping bag and also get some shut eye. The Outfitter is siphoned off of the water repelling floor to the elastic high-grade aluminum poles and high-performance guy cables. It also has a low price point and life warranty and that means you can’t lose with this backpacking tent.

4 ) Winterial Single Person Lightweight Bivy Tent, 3 Pounds 9 Ounces for Backpacking and Camping, Green

By Winterial

In the event that you stumbled up on the Winterial Single Person backpacking tent setup in the forest you could think the Forest Service had installed a recycling bin in the middle of nowhere. But aesthetics aside why the Winterial Single Person Tent occupies an area with this list is because it lays up exceptionally fastand provides acres of head room and will effectively keep the foul weather outside. The Winterial Single Person backpacking tent is a 3 season tent that is light and well-engineered. Maybe the best one person tent outthere for 3 seasons.While some (including us) question some of these aesthetic decisions made when designing this backpacking tent there is absolutely no arguing with the results. The Winterial Single Person Tent is one of the least difficult backpacking tents round in regards to setup. It has a tight, springy texture for this once it is up and you would be hardpressed to find another inch man backpacking tent with this much headroom. At less than 4 pounds it doesn’t weigh you down and should the rain pays a look at the watertight fly will keep you dry. An unusual looking but backpacking tent that is effective and versatile.

5 ) Texsport First Gear Single One Person Three Season Backpacking Tent

By Texsport

The cliffhanger from firstgear is a 1 person backpacking tent intended not only to ensure you have first class accommodations under the stars but that you can set up in the tiniest of clearings, that is often most of the forests offer you. A ground of the cliffhanger backpacking tent is composed of 1500mm ripstop nylon that is coated with water resistant foam so that you don’t soak up moisture from the floor. It’s streamlined but still manages to supply 16 square feet of living area and almost 4 vertical feet of headroom.The mesh inner coating of this cliffhanger backpacking tent provides unparalleled venting therefore that you may really have those cool, calm nights onto the mountainside. Should the elements take a turn for the worse or the wind kickup to an irrational degree the waterproof fly may be installed in minutes and that means that you may relax inside while nature does her object out. The svelte footprint of this cliffhanger is a boon to people that venture into the deep forests where attainable campsites are tough to get. Throwin the extraordinary low price and you have a backpacking tent that has a legitimate value winner.

6 ) Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent (Citron Green)

By Mountainsmith

The Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Man Tent sports a very low profile and lots of ultra-fine net which means that you may enjoy the clean, fresh mountain air. It frees the ground a lot more than some other light weight backpacking tents because the designers know that winds could and do pick up in the hills in sundown and sunup as well as your tent needs to be able to confidently resist them. Even the 35 square feet of floor space will readily accommodate two average adults and the 2 doors means that you need not crawl over another becoming back into and also out.You’re going to cover for a bit more to your Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Individual backpacking tent but what you will buy is a tent that’s designed and designed with the ergonomics of kayak life at heart. From the opposing doors to the tub design and also the copious quantity of clips that attach rods more securely to the casing compared to some other tents. Maybe not surprisingly for such a well planned well-constructed backpacking tent it is incredibly light; tipping the scales at just 4.5 pounds.

7 ) Kelty Salida Camping and Backpacking Tent

By Kelty

The Kelty Salida 2 Person Tent can be just a serious 3 season backpacking tent that is indeed well thought it will also serve you well if you become caught off guard by unseasonably cold temperatures as well as snow. It creates on the go, weighs a scant 4.75 lbs, has an impressive and uber-effective full pay fly also can be great looking to boot up. If you are looking for a powerful 3 season tent you can not fail in our opinion with all the Kelty Salida back packing tent.The two aluminum poles have interior shock cords that enhance the rate of installation and prevent segments from becoming lost. The inner casing attaches to those poles via a generous number of clips. The copious amounts of ultra-fine net offers a lot of venting and so the inner is always welcoming and fresh. When it’s time for you to break camp the whole thing packs down nice and small to be easily kept in your back pack. A fantastic 3 season backpacking tent regardless of your geographical area or where you simply take it.

8 ) *Coleman Sundrome 3-Person Blue 2000027925 Camping Tent 7 x 7 ft

By Coleman

We proceed ahead to marginally larger 3 person backpacking tents today with another Coleman product. This may be the three person edition of the classic Sundome backpacking tent. It shares all of the qualities and benefits of the 2 person Sundome including a lot of venting, a higher level of water resistance and plenty of internal headroom. The footprint is 7 x 7 feet and the bathtub-style watertight floor ensures each of that property is dry. 3 adults may sleep readily in this backpacking tent and the D door is large enough that they will not have to trip over each other planning and out.The Coleman Sundome 3 person backpacking tent is what the three season backpacking experience is all about: fun, fresh atmosphere and worry-free interaction with nature. It’s comfortable and spacious, easy to setup and both easy to carry down. It’s going to resist the wind and the rain also includes external points at which guys may be attached should the wind really get whipping. The shell is treated with a flame retardant compound and the strong but elastic aluminum rods break down to almost nothing for transport. A great, family friendly downstairs.

9 ) Coleman 4-Person Cabin Tent with Instant Setup | Cabin Tent for Camping Sets Up in 60 Seconds

By Coleman

With the Instant Backpacking Tent 4 Individual out of Coleman we’re increasing another notch in proportions and, amazingly, in convenience also. It’s no exaggeration to say that one average sized adult can put this up large 4 person tent under 90 seconds. To be sure this really can be a mostly acceptable weather tent designed to be set up in roadside campgroundsor National Parks not on the side of a hill in wintertime, but it meets its assignment spectacularly.The Coleman Instant Tent 4 Individual backpacking tent occupies the outer limits of back-packing viability due to this fact that even when packed away it’s quite bulky. That said, the kayak itself is made of waterproof substances but you’ll need a rainfly whether it really starts to return. And you will need to get that rain fly separately. (So don’t forget.) The actual reason to purchase this 4 person backpacking tent however, is because under two minutes every adult could cause a big comfortable living space to their entire party.

10 ) Newdora Waterproof Tent, 3 People Camping Tent, Backpacking Tent, Instant Dome, Easy Set Up, UV Protection for Camping, Festivals, Beach Goers- 1 Room, Green

By Newdora

The Newdora Waterproof 3 Person backpacking tent is just another tent that pretty much sets itself up. Unlike the Coleman 4 person tent yet this backpacking tent is not too large it’s precluded from making the trip along with you in the deep woods. Instead, it sits low and wide and provides excellent protection against high winds and water, while it is falling from above or welling from below.The Newdora Waterproof tent is an uncommon marriage of quality and convenience. Just plain a space, remove the tent out of its storage sack and pull it . Within one minute you will have among their better all weather tents around, which means that you may not get soaked in case it rains. Gleam sizeable freight pocket for storing your gear and not 1 but 2 full-sized entry doors which makes everybody’s life easier. Perhaps the best 3 person tent around, also you also may not need to wash out of your bank accounts to purchase one.

11 ) ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent, Clay/Rust

By ALPS Mountaineering

As we near the conclusion of the backpacking tent reviews we now come back to the ALPS. That will be also, to ALPS Mountaineering and their Lynx 4 Person Tent. To be honest we’d have a hard time delicately fitting 4 full sized adults in this particular tent but 3 would be a cinch. That said this is an intelligent appearing back packing tent with plenty of ventilation, full sized doors and aft and welded seams in to the floor to keep ground moisture in bay.Here’s a massive backpacking tent that knows size isn’t everything. The designers have put a lot of thought into the design of tent life and come up with a 4 or 4 individual tent (we’ll let you pick ) that hits all the right beats as far as protecting you from the elements while also making sure the kayak packs down small for hassle free shipping. If you are looking for a large backpacking tent to take deep into the woods this may be your best bet.

12 ) Gazelle T4 Pop-Up Portable Camping Hub Tent, Easy Instant Set Up in 90 Seconds, Sunset Orange, 4 Person, Family, Overlanding

By Gazelle Tents

The backpacking tent on our list comes to us in the Gazelle. It’s the T-4 Camping Hub Tent and it boasts a few of the more interesting designs you’ll see with its mushroom-shaped rainfly and vertical orientation. Additionally, like the Coleman Instant 4 Person tent this is a rack up backpacking tent that is not really made to be taken into the deep woods. It’s made for your own drive-in campground.Do a favor and do not try and turn this campground tent into a deep forests tent for your trip because broken down it uses up plenty of room and weighs almost 40 lbs. Alternatively use it since it’s thought of to anchor your leisurely weekend at the campground. In that capacity it will function you . As we said you’re going to pay more for this backpacking tent but what you’ll get for your hard earned money is just a home away from home that will make it possible for you and lots of associates or family to kick back and enjoy the fresh air and sun.

So which of the best backpacking tents from the above list you plan to buy? Do let us know in comments below. Also if you have any query regarding any of the product above then please let us know. We will try to answer you quickly.

Hope you ended buying backpacking tents from our list. And it was useful to you. Thanks for reading the complete review.

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