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Top 8 Best Bathroom Scales in 2019



If you are looking for a list of the best bathroom scales then your search ends here. We have worked out intensively and made a list of top bathroom scales which you can buy from Amazon. This list is based on various kinds of surveys, research and analyzing 1000s of reviews online.

We suggest you check out below the list of bathroom scales before buying anything randomly. We have given a descriptive review of each bathroom scales below. Buying some random & cheap bathroom scales can be harmful.

1 ) RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App 396 lbs – Black, 11 x 11 Inch


The RENPHO Bluetooth Smart Digital Bathroom Scale is the number one selection of bathroom scales now. More than the bathroom scales that you remember from your own youth, it boasts a variety of cool features which make it an outstanding option for the home. With it, it is possible to completely change your exercise tracking employing the RENPHO app (and others) to ensure consistent outcome and effortless progress seeing you anticipate from the current world.It monitors 1 3 metrics, which seems like lots of hassle, but it’s simple to set up straight from this box also requires only your triggered Bluetooth to sync and connect for you started. The quick read out is obviously an additional benefit, even if you are not always delighted with the consequences, and the clear LCD screen is beneficial for nighttime reading after astounding home from the bar after an all-you-can-eat buffet, because all of us get a bit neater sometimes.

2 ) Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology, 400 Pounds, Body Tape Measure Included, Elegant Black

By Etekcity

The Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale is a easy-to-use pair of weight scales well suited for single or couples who just want some thing to keep track of these weight and not anything more. They come to your excellent, reasonable price and guarantee durability for years of use. With 4 high precision detectors, they have been accurate and trustworthy, and the automated calibration allows you to utilize them directly out of the box without any requirement to set them up.To keep you in the loop, there is also a low battery indicator and a caution should for a tad too close to weight overloading. However, with a highest immunity upto 400 pounds, you’re not likely to have close to the, unless you’re considering becoming the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World. Even after that we assume you’ll struggle to get that heavy.

3 ) Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, FITINDEX Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Weight Scale Body Composition Analyzer Health Monitor with iOS & Android APP for Body Weight, Fat, Water, BMI, BMR, Muscle Mass


While it’s not the cheapest of their very best bathroom scales, the FITINDEX Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Scale is still the very best value from our selection. At less than 30, it does significantly more than expensive options and gives you a dependable and easily organizable base for your exercise tracking needs.You may sync it with all the FITINDEX  fitness app without difficulty, and like the RENPHO, it monitors a wide assortment of metrics to be sure you’re in complete control of your advancement. Included in these are fat, lean muscle, protein, muscle tissue, and also your water burden, amongst others. If you really don’t know what many of them mean, that’s okay, because so on you’re likely to eventually become enthusiastic about them.

4 ) INEVIFIT Bathroom Scale, Highly Accurate Digital Bathroom Body Scale, Measures Weight for Multiple Users.


Suited to multiple users without interfering with one another, that the INEVIFIT Digital Bathroom Scale is a fantastic human body scale option for families interested in getting fit and lose weight together. While it can’t relate with fitness apps, it’s still of use, and also the lack of synchronization makes it a whole lot simpler to use than more advanced options.The sleek design means it fits perfectly in today’s home, however don’t let this style fool you, but it’s still much duty product capable of withstanding weight upto 400 lbs. Additionally, it is clear and easy to read in a variety of states, and that you also don’t need to bend down to modify off it, either. Unlike other scales, so it’s inclusive for both loyalists of both metric and imperial measurements, giving you options to see your weight in either pounds and kilograms.

5 ) Innotech® Digital Bathroom Scale with Easy-to-Read Backlit LCD (Black)


With a big and easy-to-read LCD screen, the Innotech Digital Bathroom Scale is is a excellent pick at a moderate price for people that want reliability in their scales. The screen will be 3.6″ wide, which is the perfect size for simple reading in most surroundings, whereas the 6mm tempered glass is more durable, whereas staying compact.It includes a maximum burden resistance upto 400 lbs, which is par for the course by now, while the automated calibration is straightforward. Suited to the base have been stable gripping feet to prevent slipping and slipping, ensuring safety, notably to wet bathroom tiles. It delivers a fast read out and turns it self automatically so that it doesn’t waste battery life if not in use.

6 ) Ozeri Rev 400 lbs (180 kg) Bathroom Scale with Electro-Mechanical Weight Dial and 50 gram Sensor Technology (0.1 lbs / 0.05 kg)

By Ozeri

Combining the classic with the present day, the Ozeri Rev Electro-Mechanical Bathroom Scale is available for people who enjoy the kind of days gone by but without overlooking about which the gift allows us touse. This eye-catching design is reminiscent of 50s muscles cars, diners, and rock’n’ roll, also uses both digital and analog to provide a traditional and electronic bathroom scale in one.It’s mechanically calibrated and delivers accuracy the moment you first step on it, increasing in 0.1 pound increments to ensure reliability. Additionally there is an oversize platform that provides greater credence to this particular precision by ensuring your heels are not tacked off the edge that might cause your weight appear simpler than you thought, however, isn’t fully true.

7 ) EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale with Ultra-Wide Platform, 440 Pound Capacity

By EatSmart

Our premium selection is your EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale that’s a sleek and fashionable substitute for fit comfortably into the modern home. It supplies automatic readings the moment you step onto the scale, and all these are easy to read with a large digital display. It’s able to use out of this box (provided it comes with batteries because it’s likely to), and features a convenient on and off function with saves battery lifetime to guarantee protracted use.The durable platform ensures durability (provided it’s perhaps not thrown around in transit), while the complete sensors ensure accurate readings every time. For anybody who’s sick of averaging out their weight with numerous weigh-ins over 15minutes, this saves you time and stress, particularly if you are trying to find a goal.a

8 ) BalanceFrom High Accuracy Plus Digital Bathroom Scale with 3.6 Inch Large Dual Color Backlight Display and Smart Step-On Technology, Silver

By BalanceFrom

Our final selection may be the BalanceFrom High Accuracy Digital Bathroom Scale that comes at an excellent price and will be offering functions you really don’t find on even the most expensive models. Specifically, we adore the MemoryTrack function (although we’re convinced it’s not going to be overly well received by some). Together with the jelqing display in blue, you also can read you’re already registered weight in green, allowing you to keep track on your progress (or lack there of ).While that is simply not as modern as app synchronization, it’s still a few cuts above jotting down your weight on a notepad smeared with a mixture of mustard, protein powder, and tears, so produces a useful function you’d expect from something much more expensive. As an electronic digital bathroom scale, it’s more true than previous iterations, and also reads your weight after you climb to the scale and so the whole ordeal is over with quickly.

So which of the best bathroom scales from the above list you plan to buy? Do let us know in comments below. Also if you have any query regarding any of the product above then please let us know. We will try to answer you quickly.

Hope you ended buying bathroom scales from our list. And it was useful to you. Thanks for reading the complete review.

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