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Top 4 Best Beginner Electric Guitars in 2019



1 ) Squier Bullet Stratocaster -Best Overall

By Fender

Fender Squier brand has offered unbelievably full-featured guitars, and the Bullet Stratocaster contains a fantastic sound American appearances and a price tag that will feel plenty comfortable to get a newcomer. It’s a 21-fret neck (maybe not the whole 2 octaves of a pro guitar( but nevertheless pretty expansive) and also a soft C-shaped neck that is likely to make it much easier for a player to get a feel for this. There is a vintage bridge, so Fender has foregone the accession of a tremolo system, because it increase responsiveness and tuning stability but this is most likely better for a beginner.

It comes in arctic white, fiesta red, black and vintage sunburst, so there’s a degree of customization available. Finally, there are 3 classic single coils, two volume knobs and a tone knob. Accompanying that is a selector switch, and that means that you finetune it and can dial in your tone. It will come at a great package that will feel very good straight from this box. You really can not go wrong with a classic like this. 

2 ) Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V -Runner-Up, Best Overall

By Yamaha

Yamaha is famous for working, on band devices, in decades. But using their Pacifica line , they possessed a good share of their student version market at a single point in their own tenure in the early 90s. In the last few decades, they have reintroduced runs with this guitar, also it’s a great choice for a guitar player. Why? Many of these will tell you that they still have it in their group somewhere, either for sentimental value, and as it’s built like a tank plays well in case you ask any player who started a Pacifica.

Our pick here is the variant, for a couple reasons. First off, the alder body offers exactly the exact same tonewood you’ll see in plenty of high end S-style guitars to you. The neck and tuners will feel high on your palms, too. But the 112 series boosts its value using just two Alnico V single coil pickups along with an Alnico V humbucker. The addition of this humbucker at the bridge position will open a whole different world of tones such as a budding musician, offering the choice for the sharp singlecoil sounds and high-output humbucker growls.

this guitar is rounded out with a vintage style tremolo bridge using a block saddle, so you’ll have the ability whilst at the same time increasing tuning stability to present tremolo in your playing. It will come in several colors, too (sonic blue, metallic red, silver, yellow natural stain).

3 ) Ibanez Artcore AF55 -Best for Jazz and Blues

By Ibanez

The Ibanez Artcore line is a gorgeous example of contemporary guitar manufacturing. Hollow-body guitars, and even those from Epiphone, provide interesting challenges to organizations trying to make axes and therefore they have to charge a dollar. Buyers are provided by the Artcore show with the possibility to fork out a fraction of the price to get a guitar that is really impressive. The AF55 can be a option that will make you feel that should have paid to it.

practicing the guitar is created of all-solid walnut which helps to avert some of those feedback prone to fully hollow guitars and gives a nice tone. There exists a tape set to help with sustain and to provide you with the top fit and finish usually reserved for instruments that are hollow-body that are more costly. Both ACH-ST humbuckers are metallic pick ups, so you will not get a ton of snarling distortion out of this AF55, nevertheless, you also can push an overdrive seem if you want to. It all results in a sound that is fantastic for a person who’s looking to really go for the jazz/blues vibe, or even someone who’s attempting to opt to get a singer/songwriter roots job. You are additionally given a nod to vintage axes, too by the trapezoid tailpiece.

4 ) Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass -Best Bass

By Fender

The Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass has major”cool” factor, and also the noise holds out, too. A J-bass personality single from the bridge position, and also with a P-bass personality single within the neck area, you’ll actually get the best of both worlds on the pick ups in terms of tonal options. You’ve got a selection between basswood (on the sunburst and red models) and agathis (on the black model), therefore there isn’t anything special concerning the woods they are using in those basses. Nevertheless, the neck’s slim C contour will give you some nice texture that works nicely above the cover grade of this guitar.

Obviously, we’ve mentioned the counter top Jaguar contour this bassist hits on the stage of the human anatomy, and this will turn loads of heads. However, with a busy bass boost circuit, you also have the possibility to bulge at the noise of this way . Not to say , the chrome hardware and also the curved vintage logo print onto the mind put this bass guitar across the edge .

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